Poker Night | 21st May

Commander O'Dara here! For those who may not know, and for those unfortunate enough that do; I have recently transferred to Deep Space 13 as a Tactical Officer. Since chess isn't one of my strong suits and I'm concerned I'm becoming a permanent fixture of Event Horizon, I'm planning on hosting a poker night to hopefully get to know some of you a little better. And line my pockets with your money.
I'll be hosting the event in one of my favourite dives from Earth; a quaint pub in little ol' Ireland, on the Holodeck. Feel free to dress as you like.
Replicate Your Own Bottle


When: Thursday, 21st May, Beta.

Audience: Open.

Event Type: Social

Starting Point: Deep Space 13's Holodeck

OOC point of contact: Hannah O'Dara@jackstoofer


We'll be playing on so perhaps set aside up to 2 hours to ensure the full game can be played out. I'm not sure how much interest there'll be but for the sake of my own noodle self, I'm going to limit involvement to 6 players plus me so it doesn't immediately spiral out of control, but anyone is free to hang around and enjoy the scenery and libations. If there are any questions, reply to this post or hit me up on Discord. Thanks!
Just a quick reminder that this is today!
Sign me up for a seat
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I shall be there.
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ill see you then