Potential Security Concern

To: CMDR Sakkhet (@Nimitz)
From: LT th’Loran
Subj: Potential Security Concern

Good morning Commander,

I need to report a potential security breach and request a new set of codes be assigned to me. I was recently auditing my account usage per quarterly security checks and noticed several suspicious network access entries from my account. They all occurred while I was off duty and seem to be from the same PaDD. Data security isn’t an area I’m particularly knowledgeable in, however.

Several months back I left a PaDD in a public space after the station went to red alert. Once we returned to condition green I realized my error and remotely wiped the PaDD. Apparently someone was able to access it before that point, though. I’m more than willing to work with security if needed. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Lieutenant Keval th’Loran
Operations Supervisor,
Deep Space 13


To: LT th’Loran
From: CMDR Sakkhet
Subj: RE: Potential Security Concern

Understood Lieutenant, forward all information to Security and we will move forward from there.

I must say lieutenant, I am most disappointed in this mistake, I have expected better of you. Please do not do this again.

Commander Sakkhet
Chief of Operations
Deep Space 13