Quarters Modifications

To: LCDR Sakkhet (@Nimitz)
From: CDT Aetah
Subj: Quarters Modifications


I am Aetah of the Zhee and I am new to the station. Can you please help with changes to my quarters? Can you get rid of the bed and put a warm bath there? I sleep underwater and warm water is better. Also, can you make it bigger than the bath that goes in bathrooms? It’s too small. It needs to be at least twelve feet squared.

Also, can you remove the caps on the environmental controls? I like my quarters very humid. Probably a good idea to get furniture that is okay with water though.

Thank you!

Cadet First Class Aetah
Starfleet Intelligence
Deep Space Thirteen


To: CDT Aetah
From: CMDR Sakkhet
Subj: RE: Quarters Modifications

Understood Cadet, we will adjust your assigned quarters with the necessary modification.

Commander Sakkhet
Chief of Operations
Deep Space 13