Questions and Answers

“Computer,” Ven states as she walks in her room carrying more PADD’s than any one person should be allowed to carry.

“Access personnel files and search Jalme, Subcommander.” She finishes


Ven moves to her desk and lets out a sigh of relief as she unties her hair from the ponytail many associates with her having on duty. In her quarters though there was much she did to unwind that many may be in utter shock over, singing, for example.

“One record found,” The computer replies

“On screen,” Ven states now turning to shift through the file.

The last several week’s certain events continued to play out in her mind as she slept, as she exercised, and even as she began her courses at the medical facility on station for her med school requirements. Meticulously reading and occasionally looking back at the file photograph provided by the new Romulan Republic.

[ Redacted]

Ven lets out a frustrated sigh as she rubs her temples looking at the screen before her.
“Just, tell me how to get in touch with him.” Ven blurts out

“There are no known methods of contact currently.”

A string of Romulan curses follows the Doctor to be as she rose from her chair. “Of course there isn’t, he’s a Romulan,” she replies as if arguing with herself.

She had to know he was alright and that he was getting the care she had been unable to provide. Placing her hands on her hips, the frustrated Ensign shakes her head.
“Thank you computer, that will be all.”

Out of the corner of her eye, she watched the reflection of the subcommanders file be replaced with the backdrop of Starfleet she proudly displayed on her console. Looking now to the pile of homework she had Ven gives an involuntary shudder before dropping her would-be mission for now.

Sooner or later she would see Davin, perhaps he could point her in the right direction…