R.R.W. D'Ishae

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R.R.W D'Ishae

Excerpt from 'Fleet Revitalization Debrief,' Chief Engineer Auron T’Valok

“...What you need to remember about the Ar’Kif is that it was one of our early home-grown Republic designs. We learned a lot working on the Ha’apax, but we were still… I mean, everyone was in a very utilitarian point of view those days. The Empire had more ships, more resources, and we never knew when they were coming for us. We had to be ready for anything, and I think that really showed in the Ar'Kif. We designed so many modules for these ships I don't think any two came out in the same configuration. Troop bays, flight decks, science labs, we even built a few for the Floatilla with extra civilian quarters.

The one thing we never changed was the guns. Whatever else we tried, we knew these things had to be capital ship killers. We didn't have the resources to go D’deridex for D’deridex with the Star Navy, so we did our best with what we had. Heavy cannons, hybrid disruptors, we even fitted the Ar’Kala’s with orbital defense weapons when we could. The main focus had to be on firepower, and building a ship that could hit first and hit hard. Maybe I'm biased, but I think we did just that."

Built as one of the Romulan Republic’s first mainline warships, the Ar’Kif class was designed to outgun the larger Imperial D’deridex class cruisers, though at the expense of staying power. Using a spacious modular starframe allows Ar’Kif class vessels to serve a variety of roles, from standard tactical assault vessels to escort carriers, and even as habitation vessels in the Romulan Republic Floatilla.

The Delta (Δ) subclass in particular highlights this flexibility, marrying the hangar bay of the escort carrier variant with the firepower of the Ar’Kala class. A pair of twin-linked Ra’Khoi superheavy plasma cannons, originally designed for use on orbital emplacements and mounted inside expanded weapon pods built into the ships wings, give the Ar’Kif Δ's fearsome offensive potential, though this comes with some sacrifice to the ships engines and shields. Defense is bolstered by a 6th Generation Laehval type cloaking device, which allows the ships to bring their formidable weaponry to bear with almost no warning.

Though they were built with the Voth invasion of the Solanae Dyson Sphere in mind ships of the Ar’Kif class have proven themselves as capable workhorse vessels in the Republic Star Navy. D’Ishae, with its mix of weapons payload, fighter compliment, and hardened communications systems, has served with distinction throughout the numerous recent conflicts spanning the Alpha and Beta quadrants, including the Battle of Sol (Undine), counter-terrorism operations against the Eledri Liberty Brigade, the Battle of Sol (Iconian), and countless anti-piracy raids.

Capable of operating with a skeleton crew of 75, D'Ishae maintains a full crew of 248 with an additional 86 dedicated crew for fighters and auxiliary craft.

Habitable Decks: 10
Avg. Crew Compliment: 334
Emergency Capacity: 2,500

Avg. Cruising Speed: Warp 7
Max. Cruising Speed: Warp 9.6
Maximum Speed: Warp 9.85 (for 8 hours)

4x Llieset Twin Heavy Plasma Disruptor Pulse Cannons
2x Ra’Khoi Superheavy Plasma Cannon Pods
3x Praetorian Heavy Plasma Torpedo Tubes
1x Singularity Augmented Cascading Plasma Projector [Internal codename: “Annihilation Beam”]

4x [REDACTED] Plasma Disruptor Beam Array

2x [REDACTED] Plasma Disruptor Beam Array
4x Deleth Plasma Disruptor Turret
3x Praetorian Heavy Plasma Torpedo Tubes

36 RD-21-O “Deathstalker” Scorpion Aerospace Superiority Fighters
4 RK-9-A "Gyr" Tiercel Ground Attack Craft
2 RK-12 "Seram" Kestrel Auxiliary Craft

Dyson JTF Regenerative Shield Matrix
Absorptive Shield Singularity Inverter Array
Laehval Gen 6M Active Modulation Cloaking Device
Chaetoi IV Hardened Communications Package
R.R.W. D'Ishae Mission Patch

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Excerpt from 'State Of The Republic Fleet' by Admiral Nelek Aerenos

"...We as a people can no longer adhere to the principles of shipbuilding that guided the Star Empire, and I believe that the Ar'kif class exemplifies not only the great problem that we face but the solution as well. Initially launched as little more than a mainline warship, the Ar'kif class proved adequate but unspectacular. It offered little improvement over the Dhelan or Mogai class, save its ability to double as a transport or a civilian residence-ship. It soon became apparent to all in the fleet that we could not simply build warships and entrust our fate as a species to outdated tactics and aging technology.

We needed a ship that could be flexible, a Warbird as capable in combat as it is in staging colonization efforts. A craft as capable as we ourselves, able to overcome any obstacle the Void may present. It's spacious, arguably superfluous cargo space became a full hangar, capable of fully supporting two wings of Scorpion attack craft without any outside assistance indefinitely. It's internal systems were modernized, it's singularity updated and tethered directly into its weapon systems. Every piece of technology on board was brought truly in line with the technology of this age, giving us a warship worthy of serving as the heart of the Romulan fleet, and as a home and new hope for our people."

A precursor to the Vastam line of tactical command cruisers, D’Ishae saw the venerable Ar’Kif platform configured in response to the mixture of orbital and ground defense necessary to combat threats posed by the Elachi and Borg by providing sufficient direct firepower to decimate orbital threats and as well as a staging platform to assist efforts on the ground. Just prior to its official commission further modifications were ordered to combat the growing threat of the Voth within the recently discovered Solanae Dyson Sphere.

Launched toward the middle of the conflict D’Ishae and her sister ships, the so-called Delta subclass, proved valuable assets in the Alliance efforts to fend off the Voth advance. Hardened communications systems and improved Command and Control networks allowed the warbirds to act as mobile command centers as well as carriers, and the addition of Romulan cloaking technology meant that a stunning amount of fire support could be brought to bear with nearly no warning.

D’Ishae spent the majority of the Vaadwaur conflict keeping the peace in the Beta quadrant but proved itself yet again an important asset in the Iconians war, where it's low profile, formidable armament, and ground support capabilities were crucial in the defense of New Romulus and in the later defense of the Sol system.
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