R.R.W. Vaurek

A Romulan ship for Romulan-centric roleplay. The Vaurek focuses on problem-solving rather than lengthy patrols to provide the flexibility in both ship roleplay and station roleplay. The vessel’s focus will be on Romulan roleplay, a similar yet different feeling from the Starfleet vessels that usually fly around the Aldebarran Sector. While Romulans are the focus, ship positions are also open to Starfleet officers who wish to enter the exchange program.

I will be running events a little differently than the norm, to account for different roles, interests, and schedules. We will be following the process of some ST:TNG episodes in which we will have roleplay events that will last an entire week. The first day of the week will have an event in which the Vaurek and its crew encounter whatever the problem is and whatever roleplay is involved in that event (whether it’s a battle, mystery investigation, or something else will depend on the context of the event.) Then, for the rest of the week, there will be smaller roleplays that contribute to the finale. Whether that’s a medical-centric event in sickbay, or an engineering problem, or something for the lower decks junior officers to deal with, the point is to ensure that there’s plenty of roleplay for all interested that fit into the theme of a Romulan battlecruiser - it’s a big ship, and the bridge is only one room. Then, on the same day next week, we will see the culmination of everyone’s hard work. With this system, it should allow people the flexibility of getting involved with more specialty characters (Medical, Engineering, Combat Marines, etc.) along with their schedules.

Ship Name: The R.R.W. Vaurek
Organizer: @Valore (@trionis#5666)
Recruiting Status: Open

Typical RP Type: Social / Structured
Event Schedule: Monthly
Additional Requirements: If you’re interested in joining, message me on Discord. Starfleet characters are also acceptable via the exchange program.

RP Details / Restrictions:
How often does the ship visit the starbase?: Frequently. The ship is dedicated to strategic deployment to solve ongoing problems, not long patrols.
Non-ship RP allowed while ship is not in port: Yes, with an IC reason (supply run, Starbase outreach, task given by command staff, etc.) The only exceptions to this rule are extraordinary circumstances that could cut the ship off from everyone else (this is probably not going to happen all that often).
Players allowed to use ship without Captain online: Yes. Follow chain of command, don’t destroy the ship, try not to derail ongoing rp without talking to people first.

Open Positions:

  • Executive Officer / First Officer
  • Operations Officer / Second Officer
  • Chief of Security / Tactical
  • Chief Engineer
  • Chief Science Officer
  • Chief Medical Officer
  • Any Junior Officer Position
  • Any Enlisted Position