Random RP map pictures I found from using the Foundry

Random pictures I have found on my screenshot file today from Foundry maps I made, not sure if they are still published:


Alpine lodge - was used as Lawrence's house back which he owns on Earth


Zenok III - part of a RP map from a storyline used in another fleet


Fully immersive duckblind I made after watching Star Trek: Insurrection - used for a RP mission


Another map, I think this was for a Cardassian settlement story that we did once


A communication relay RP map, you could go inside but also fly around outside with a jetpack on


Cant remember the RP full story on this, it was a research facility on a water planet - there was a part where you had to go beneath the waves to find an alien species.
As a Foundry Nerd myself, if you ever find out/remember what those missions were be sure to share!
Yes! I second that. These maps look incredible and I'd love to take a look around to stea-... I mean... admire the amount of work that was put into them :)
I remember that last one! It was spooky in the water.