Re:Re: Greetings Jeni!

To: LTJG Rodak, Raseljeni
From: Dr. Saul Novinsky
Subj: Re:Re: Greetings Jeni!


Yes we had heard about your transfer acceptance to the USS Dragon. Congratulations from all of us here at RDD. We are all very proud of your exciting new opportunity and we’re sure that Captain Tungsten and all of the 38th Fleet will benefit from having you in their ranks. I must say that in the past two years we all had forgotten how dull the design labs were before you arrived. You are already missed by myself and the staff.

Best of luck to you Jeni, and…try to…take your time…adjusting to your new assignment. Sometimes if can be difficult to assimilate to the way things are done on different posts and you might benefit from taking a more…quiet and…reserved…approach until your crewmates and senior officers get to know you better. Please feel free to reach out to me anytime for anything and be sure to utilize the counseling staff if you feel like you’re having any difficulty adjusting.

I’m sure you’ll do fine.

Also, when did you start playing chess?

Warm regards,
Dr. Saul Novinsky
Director of Research, Design, and Development,
Utopia Planitia

To: Dr. Saul Novinsky
From: LTJG Rodak, Raseljeni
Subj: Re: Greetings Jeni!

Hey Doctor N!

It was so good to hear from you! Got a hornet in your hat, eh?

Let’s see what you got going on here…Ah! Your Dynamics Stability Model. You guys are still working on that?

Let me take a look…

Mmm…that doesn’t look…yeah! Line 1057. I think I see your problem. Let me scroll down and see what the model returned…
Yup. I see what you did. Okay, back up here at line 1057:47b, I’m just gonna delete everything from here down to 1108. Let’s start from scratch:

First, develop the small-disturbance equations for longitudinal motions in standard state-variable form. Linearized equations describing small longitudinal perturbations from a longitudinal equilibrium state can be written

Then we introduce the longitudinal state variable vector
and the longitudinal control vector
These equations are equivalent to the system of first-order equations
where 1-4-1 represents the time derivative of the state vector 1-4-2. The matrcies are

From here it’s easy to show that the inverse of Screenshot 2022-07-12 110130 is

Then, premultiplying Eq. (1.4) by 1-8 gives the standard form


Be sure to remember

Since the spacecraft mass parameter 1-13 is typically large, it’s better to neglect 1-14 with respect to unity and to neglect 1-15 relative to Screenshot 2022-07-12 111137 2, in which case the matrices A and B can be approximated as

You see! Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy! The various dimensional stability derivatives appearing in Eqs. (1.9) and (1.11) are related to their dimensionless aerodynamic coefficient counterparts.

It’s like what I’ve always been telling you guys! You’re being too intricate. You have to dumb it down for these computers.

Anyway, that should fix your processing glitch that’s interrupting the modular return.

Dr. N!
I don’t know if you heard yet, but I got the transfer! I’m now officially (one of) the helm officers for USS Dragon. Everything went really well! Captain Tungsten seems like a really nice guy. He kinda reminds me of you but,…you know…groomed. I also got to meet the Chief Science Officer, Lieutenant Nay-reese and we got along right away. She’s my bestgood friend and even got the captain’s permission to hang out with me while I get settled in here. We met over a game of chess. -I gave her a few pointers. -and she doesn’t like cats.
That reminds me, I told them about that expression you guys would always use about me, it turns out cats don’t live very long at all. Just a few days or something. I think maybe you guys misheard that expression and got it wrong. Anyway I’ve attached the full data archive from Memory Alpha on cats. You may want to pass this around to the others. I’d hate for you guys to embarrass yourselves around someone that actually knows how short-lived cats are.

Anyway, say hi to all of the guys and gals for me!

Miss you guys,

LTJG Raseljeni Rodak
Helmswoman, USS Dragon NCC 93887-A
38th Fleet ‘Argo’

//ATTACHMENT// Felis_Catus.ext

To: LTJG Rodak, Raseljeni
From: Dr. Saul Novinsky
Subj: Greetings Jeni!

Dear Jeni,

I trust your travels went smoothly to the Aldebaran System. We wanted to wish you good luck on securing your transfer to the USS Dragon. No doubt you are presently busy getting acclimated and making introductions and interviews, but myself and the staff were wondering if you could find the time to take a look at the attached Dynamic Stability Model. The computer continues to keep failing to return the computations and Peterson and Batisk have checked the tens of thousands of lines of code several times. Even the computer cannot identify, what we believe, to be a syntax error.

If you could find the time to have a look we’d be most appreciative. It’s held up progress for the last three days.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Kind regards,
Dr. Saul Novinsky
Director of Research, Design, and Development,
Utopia Planitia

//ATTACHMENT// DynamStab702b-24.ext