Recent Discourse Events bug workaround (3 Apr)

Currently there is a very irritating bug with the forum event posting plugin. They added a feature to improve timezone conversion support, but of course didn’t quite get all the way there. While we’re waiting for them to fix it, here’s the workaround:

  1. Regrettably, you will first need to figure out what time your event starts in the GMT timezone. I recommend using the following website: . Don’t forget to pay attention to the day, in case it’s an evening event for US players.

  2. Click on the cogwheel to insert the time and input the correct time/date for GMT. You can ignore the timezone field, we’re just going to delete it in the next step anyway.

  3. After you click to ‘Create’ the event, delete the timezone="stuffstuffstuff" part of the event code.

  4. Yes, your preview time is probably going to look wrong (unless you happen to live in GMT); this is part of what’s broken about the plugin.

  5. Publish your post and confirm that the time looks correct in the post and on the calendar. If it doesn’t, panic and ask staff for help.

I’ve reported the bug and the plugin authors acknowledged it and said they’re working on it (same day, four days ago). I will post an update when the bug has been fixed and we no longer have to do this stuff!


Update: this finally got fixed. Workaround is no longer necessary. You may input event times using your own timezone.

(and by ‘fixed’, i mean the plugin author actually just reverted their changes, so it’s back to how it used to work. :roll_eyes: )