Recruitment Process Changeup: Involves *YOU!*

We're adopting a new form of recruitment that will give you, the players, a say on who gets into the fleet!

The recruitment flow will follow a step process:

1) When a potential candidate expresses interest, we ask them to check out the forum and fill out an application. This is the same!

This is where it gets DIFFERENT:
2) The candidate is told to join TFA:OOC and arrange RP dates with three different TFA members. It can be one date with three members, three dates with one member each, or some mix. End goal: three different people get a chance to RP with him.

3) If that member gets three vouches from his TFA RP dates (and no blaring detractors), then a recruitment officer will be in touch about the OOC portion of the interview, and then finally the IC recruitment. Of course, recruitment officers retain the right to turn anyone down~

If you want to be a voucher, be sure you're a member of the TFA:OOC channel, as this is where we will be directing recruits to make their RP dates. Within 3 days of that roleplay, PLEASE post your vote yae or nae or shrug in Sys Ops Network. You do not have to share the results of your vouch. Make sure to include the player handle you're commenting about!

Feedback? Give it!
Very interesting indeed. I'd love to help with this as much as needed. Expect more than just a yae or nay as I yammer on alot.... but sounds fun! Question: will we have any kind of application access or will we be going at it blind about their character? Either is fine, just curious.

Small note. I have no idea if TFA:OOC is password locked or not but in the event of worst case scenario and people having hard feelings about perhaps not being accepted on one of our established channels... would it perhaps make more sense to have them in a vacuum of sorts? like "TFA:Recruit" channel or something? Just a suggestion.
If they don't offer to split the tab on the first date, then nay! :lol:
Little complicated isn't it? Purpose is to introduce them to more than one person? Or are we trying to weed them out before the one month inactive marker?

Edit: Sorry, in retrospect that sounded too sarcastic dark for what I was trying to say/ask. I am curious to know what we are after, trying to fix, trying to achieve with these changes. It looks a bit complicated for me and our process of interview and ship inspections.
Actually, XR, this was part of the original end goal process for recruitment.

It allows more people within the fleet to be involved with how the fleet grows, gives new characters a chance to meet more people as they process into the fleet, and it spreads the recruitment workload out to more than the three people that currently do it.

Its not about changing anything to fix an issue, its about finally getting to where it was intended to be all along.
Hokay, so, we send them to the Website. They are scheduled for three interviews with three different people. Fleet invite. Then ship inspection? This sounds like a lot to go through, and not just for recruitment officers and volunteers. This may be a pretty impressive gate, and if that's the goal you can stop me now. However, I really don't want to see you guys burn out! ] :

I also second Gideon's concern on the channel. I am sure you have needed to tell folks no before but this kind of exposes a really big responsibility on mods for the channel being responsible for those who do not pass the project. I am not sure however that making a second channel will relieve the danger though.

I guess at this point where the changes are being made it may be too late for me to voice these concerns or other possibilities, but if our goals are to encourage both having more fleet members be involved with growth and interaction with new members to members of the fleet there are less complicated and demanding ways to do that.

I would rather see something akin to our standard interview process, with a follow period of a "recruit" phase. Where in that phase the inspections, the meeting process for more members to take part in, and say a 'one event participation' are required. If they are found to be non-conducive or are inactive for a total of 30 days the do not pass the recruit phase and become full members of the fleet.

To help with this I will happily run a monthly IC fleet officers meeting/gathering. Were we can stand in line for a few minutes to practice it and look like a pretty para-military organization and follow it up with events or simple split up to do bar/meeting/casual RP time. I am able to do this once a month using the alpha slot. That will help with the event thing in addition to all the month's Alphas/Gammas and other events that our members and officers have been doing a fantastic job of coming up with.
As far as I understand, it's (1) website, (2) apply, (3) meet some people / IC interviews, (4) OOC interview with an officer, (5) fleet invite.

Ship inspection is after they're already in and is just a kind of prompt for RP. Has no bearing on whether they get to stay or not.
Right, I guess that mistake was because the inspection of the crew and their Bios was part of the interview when I got in way back. Kind of a way to double check the person had taken the time to think about their crews in an RP sense. Shows how out of touch I am with how it works now. xD

Still, Eli insulted the Occam's Razor during his inspection of it; and Sierra still hates him over it.
This is a really cool idea. And certainly gets a like from me.

Though Side question, with this, is it really necessary for there to be such a cumbersome 5 step process anymore with this... Honestly anyone that gets a thumbs up from 3 members, should be golden.... Perhaps moving more towards a 1) Apply 2) Invited to Channel 3) 3 Thumbs up 4) IC interview for formal acceptance. Honestly I don't think there any members of this guild who's judgment I wouldn't trust to telling if someone can RP or not.

Inspect and such can be left for the bump from Recruit rank to Officer rank

Although standards are great, you don't want to make the system so cumbersome and serious that it frustrates applicants. Another guild I am in had an issue develop with that. It required a two week probationary period for membership, then an interview for final acceptance. Over the years, the interviews turned into almost a test to join. reviews turned into looking for reasons to reject. Not knowing some off hand rule or who the current council was became used as reason for a fail. When the Probation and interview were really introduced to make sure the applicant wasn't a complete jackass. Eventually the trend reversed, but I always wonder how many cool people where turned off by having to jump through an unreasonable number of hoops during those years.
Still, Eli insulted the Occam's Razor during his inspection of it; and Sierra still hates him over it.

I giggled.

The new process sounds complicated, but better, the only thing I can think of that could make this a little better is make sure it isn't the same 5 or 6 people always doing these little dates. Trying to get all members involved from Boss man to even some of the new ones, getting into the flow of an RP fleet, like a...older sibling when you enter the same school.

It made sense in my head.
Xygor -- there is a way to avoid the situation that developed in your fleet/guild. It is for all members to stay aware and do their best to remain welcoming and friendly. This fleet has a standard it adheres to currently and if everyone remains cognizant of that standard and doesn't try to push the bar into elitism, then Argo will be just fine.
All these concerns are good ones!

As with everything we do, it's a living, breathing process. If things aren't working, we'll change it. Right now, my primary goals are to

1) get people connecting easier,

2) help out the recruitment team by having a sort of 'pre-screening' process,

3) weed out the fly-by-night members by making them work a little for their invite. It also encourages pro-active RP hunting, which is necessary for a small guild like our own.

So, as soon as I get some time, we'll be changing up the recruitment process across the board to reflect what we've outlined in the first page, and see where it goes from there! If you want to shape how it changes, get involved!
Indeed T'irin, though I think you missed my message. Which is why I give my words of Caution, large cumbersome structures have a tendency to breed Elitism. Good intentions are all well and good but there is glory in simplicity as well.