Regretted Seasons.

You were that which I could see, but not hold.
The one for whom, I always worried.
You were that which I wish to be, but never told.
The one for whom, I always hurried.

Summer had brought me to you.

I told myself that it couldn't be,
That I would only hurt another.
I told myself that I didn't need,
to complicate each other.

Autumn had brought us closer.

When your heart broke, so did mine.
Oh, the pain I felt for you.
Though, your eyes were so always kind.
There was nothing you wanted me to do.

Winter made me say goodbye.

I never told you how I felt.
I knew that I shouldn't.
I wanted to change the hand I'd been dealt.
Even though I knew I couldn't.

Spring will be heartache.

...I should have told you, I love you.