[Regulus System] Locate Missing Runabout

Type: Space
Scope: Available Task Force Ships
Timeframe: ASAP
Requirements: Requires at least two ship captains, any faction
Notes: Needs the player Foster/S'Tev, as only knows what you're supposed to find here, so don't do this without him.

Assigned By
: CMDR Helstone, Commanding Officer, Deep Space 13
Description: Runabout U.S.S. Kre'feras, logged out by Petty Officer W. Foster - Borg Countermeasures, was reported missing during a routine trip to a Federation supply depot. Enact a standard search-and-rescue grid and locate any trace of Foster or the Kre'feras that you can.
TO: CMDR Helstone; CAPT Perim
FROM: SCDR t'Veras, RRW Anarhai

RRW Anarhai and USS Damocles discovered the runabout USS Kre'feras while on a grid search near the Azha system. Kre'feras was floating, with bare life-support, just outside the system. Onboard was a Vulcan/Romulan hybrid passenger, self-identified as Lai Bergan tr'Vikraihlan, who said he had been "placed there" by an unknown party. Petty Officer Foster was not aboard.

Engineers are currently scoping out the damage to the Kre'feras, while the passenger is recovering in a secure room in DS13's sickbay. Until information about him is delivered from Republic Command, I recommend you view him as a potential threat. I also recommend the presence of a counselor -- perhaps Sedai -- to help him recover his blocked memories, if in fact they are blocked, and a skilled interrogator to assist in locating who "placed" him onboard the Kre'feras, if in fact he is lying and being intransigent.

I am assuming that Petty Officer Foster has been kidnapped by an unfriendly source and all possible resources should be exhausted to find him.

//SCDR t'Veras