Rehabilitation Treatment Completion: Subcommander Aivala t'Aendon

Stardate 93867.9

TO CMDR Aloran; CMDR T'Press
CC CMDR Isohlah; LCDR Sedai
BCC DS13/Command
FROM LCDR Konieczko
SUBJ Rehabilitation Treatment Completion

Level 2 - Confidential


I'm informing you that Subcommander t'Aendon has completed her obligatory substance abuse rehabilitation program, as ordered by the Judge Advocate's Office, due to the incident which occurred on Stardate 93839.7. I have confirmed with Starbase Medical that the Subcommander co-operated with all required scans of her BAC, and did so respectfully. The findings of which are attached, but confirm that she has remained sober for the period of her rehab treatment. I can also verify that the Subcommander co-operated fully with the psychiatric portion of her treatment, and acknowledged her issues fully while showing a willingness to improve her mental health. There have been no further complaints concerning her conduct by Starbase Security personnel, and it is my belief that she is being proactive in her recovery.

For my part, I have given her information on one of the base's anonymous substance abuse support groups, which she has accepted. I believe that this is the first step in an ongoing process of recovery, that the Subcommander has pledged to continue beyond her punishment. She will continue her therapy, on a weekly basis, voluntarily. I've also suggested that she seek out specialized assistance dealing with the underlying symptoms of her issues.

It is my finding that the Subcommander deals with a form of PTSD associated with her time in the service of the Romulan Star Empire's Tal Shiar group. There are a number of former Tal Shiar operatives serving in this command, both as part of the exchange program, and in the Republic Navy Detachment. I suggest that she be matched with one or more of these officers, so that she can seek counsel on options and advice in dealing with her transition to service here, in addition to her weekly sessions.

I feel that the Subcommander's willingness to co-operate and her progress during the treatment should be taken into consideration when deciding whether to return her to a full-duty status, which I am recommending conditionally at this time. Due to the serious nature of the incident that led her to begin recovery, I feel that she should undergo a mental health evaluation from a neutral party uninvolved in this matter, for this I suggest Counselor Sedai, at her earliest convenience.

Be well,

Lieutenant Commander Mathilda Konieczko
Counselor, Deep Space Thirteen

Attached: taendon_BAC_01826.A3.MED
Security Level 2 - Confidential

TO LCDR Konieczko

SUBJ RE: Rehabilitation...

Lieutenant Commander,

Thank you for your diligence. I'll be forwarding this report to our allies in the Republic.

Commander Esca Aloran
Judge Advocate, 38th Fleet