Report: Assessment of CAPT Nimitz - Post Orb-Touch

To: CAPT Mandra (@Master_Dex)
CC: CMDR H’ajah (@Sophist),CAPT Varley (@Lauren)
From: LTJG Izly
Subj: Assessment of CAPT Nimitz - Post Orb-Touch

Captain Alistair Nimitz has accepted my request to assess his self after the encounter with the supposed Orb of the Prophets; Below will be a comprehensive listing of all my findings.

  • Patient has no recollection of the events directly after placing hands on the Orb; admitting his first memory after is awaking in Medical with, “…a headache the size of my ship and double vision.”
  • Past the incident, Patient has no physical ailments lingering- yet does state the presence of abnormal dreams.
    States visions of known acquaintances, along with roaring fires; unknown if the two are connected with one another or separate instances.
  • Requests to examine patient’s cybernetic augmentations/prosthetics was fulfilled; states no defects or glitches in their cybernetics even in the slightest.
  • Upon the final full-body scan; results displayed a rather large increase in the number of Synaptic Potentials inside the brain. Otherwise, no other results differed from as if he were in perfect health- minus some healing bruises from the throw.
    I am not a neuroscientist; the extent of my knowledge in this subject is mostly that this pertains to the signals neurons in the brain receive. Perhaps his brain is working in overdrive despite nothing happening to warrant it. This change also has been reported to occur in most other cases of individuals coming in contact with an Orb.

These are what I have found by asking the Captain along with running a few scans on him. I made the decision to prescribe a single dose of melatonin to see if such an addition may help with allowing him a night of restful sleep. If you wish for us to meet at a later date to discuss these findings further please do not hesitate to let me know.

Jodi Izly
Lieutenant Junior Grade Station Nurse Practitioner,
Deep Space 13


To: LTJG Izly, Jodi (@Motion)
CC: LCDR H’ajah, daughter of Shal (@Sophist); CAPT Varley, @Lauren
From: CMDR Mandra, Alina
Subj: Re: Assessment of CAPT Nimitz - Post Orb-Touch

Hey Doc, sorry for taking so long, thanks for all this info. It’ll be useful. I have yet to be able to get any comprehensive study of the ‘object’ yet so not a lot to go on still but I have a lot of options perhaps. Keep me updated if you learn more.

Alina Mandra
Chief of Sciences,
Deep Space 13

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