Report on Lt Commander Corrano

=/\= Secure Encrypted Channel: Outpost Argo =/\=

To: Commodore Ashworth, Captain Morton, Captain Thomson.
From: Captain Areyis, U.S.S. Mabel.
Subject: Possible Misconduct

1: Avoidance to answer questions concerning a fugitive called, Tre'lana Corrano.

2: Failure to report possible danger to herself and others to a superior officer.

Suggest reviewing following footage to make an assessment.

*Recording attachment provided

......Proceeding to play recording... ((Note: Transcript is not entirely edited for readability, but I did what I could on short notice))

*Enter Ellia to sickbay*

Ellia@omegaicarus leans against the wall with her shoulder.

S'Tarian@CeMetzli: "One of the klingons is K'tan"

S'Tarian@CeMetzli: "that is the only SPECIFIC, I can recall"

Areyis@Bywing: That is all that I require, is there anything else that you believe is essential to share with me?

S'Tarian@CeMetzli: "in the interest of efficeny, why don't u question the ferengi and ill find K'tan"

Areyis@Bywing: You are not yet released from Sickbay, I cannot authorize this.

S'Tarian@CeMetzli dead pan "you said it would be soon, let me have this so I can get started Vulcan"

Areyis@Bywing: I said it would -likely- be soon. I am not in charge of Internal Affairs.

Areyis@Bywing: That is Captain Mortons decision.

Ellia@omegaicarus just watches.

S'Tarian@CeMetzli: "otherwise, i'kk just have to withhold any MORE info from you sense it wond do me any good"

Areyis@Bywing: You overestimate my authority.

S'Tarian@CeMetzli: "tell you what, ask your boss"

Areyis@Bywing: Captain Morton will be informed in accordance to protocol.

S'Tarian@CeMetzli: "K'tan is a common klink name anyhow, you wont get far witout more, and i wont give it if im being cut out"

Areyis@Bywing: I am unable to give you that which you desire.

S'Tarian@CeMetzli: "all i desire for now is for you to ask morton"

S'Tarian@CeMetzli: "let's try to start together from there"

Areyis@Bywing: Interesting.

Areyis@Bywing: Lieutenant Commander, I require you to follow me.

Ellia@omegaicarus nods.

S'Tarian@CeMetzli: "ellia

Ellia@omegaicarus: "I'll be back"

Areyis@Bywing looks to the security guards.

Areyis@Bywing: Your phasers will remain at "Stun"

S'Tarian@CeMetzli: "whatever you did, thanks"


Ellia@omegaicarus smiles. "Just another day in the office."

S'Tarian@CeMetzli: "you ever want to hit a vulcan so bad, that it hurts?"

*enters turbolift*

Areyis@Bywing: Tactical.

*enters office-room*

Areyis@Bywing: You fled to Nimbus III due to your fear of Tal'Aura Corrano, is that correct?

Ellia@omegaicarus raise an eyebrow. "Tal'Aura? Did I get an extra family member that nobody told me about?"

Areyis@Bywing: Perhaps.

Areyis@Bywing: For what reason did you go to Nimbus III?

Ellia@omegaicarus shrugs. "I need to hide. It was a good enought place for it."

Areyis@Bywing: From what were you hiding?

Ellia@omegaicarus shrugs again. "Something. Anything. I'm not entirly sure exactly. What do you think, sir?"

Areyis@Bywing: I require you to answer my question.

S'Tarian@CeMetzli: i wish i could see ellia response to a message she just recived

Areyis@Bywing: Lt Commander, from -what- were you hiding?

Ellia@omegaicarus nods. "I told you already, sir. I don't have enough information to give you anything."

Areyis@Bywing: It was my suspicion that you were hiding from an individual named Tre'Lana Corrano, that is not correct?

Areyis@Bywing: Are you unaware of the reason you were hiding?

Ellia@omegaicarus looks at the chairs. "May I sit, sir?"

Areyis@Bywing: After you answer the question.

Ellia@omegaicarus smirks. "Fair enough. To tell the truth, I don't excatly know who I was hiding from. it could of been her, could of not."

Rayne Hollister@jtcabral: SB381, this is the minesweepr USS Kosckiuzo requesting docking permission

Areyis@Bywing: Are you avoiding a direct answer to my question Lt Commander?

Areyis@Bywing: Logic dictates that you must have had an exact reason to go into a state of hiding.

Ellia@omegaicarus shakes her head. "No, sir. I wouldn't do such a thing. I'm telling you what I know."

Areyis@Bywing: Therefore, you must have been aware or have had a suspicion of what or whom was chasing you.

Areyis@Bywing: You suspect that it was Tre'Lana, correct?

Areyis@Bywing motions Ellia to the chair.

Areyis@Bywing sits in a bridge officer chair.

Ellia@omegaicarus sits in a chair.

Ellia@omegaicarus raises an eyebrow. "What is your faniation with my sister?"

Areyis@Bywing: Is is she who tortured S'Tarian.

Areyis@Bywing: and implanted a cybernetic device within his brain.

Areyis@Bywing: She has threatened an associate of Starfleet and an individual of the Romulan Republic, she must therefore be found and put to trial.

Ellia@omegaicarus looks to the ceiling. "It won't be that simple."

Areyis@Bywing: I require you to answer my questions.

Areyis@Bywing: You went into hiding because of Tre'lana, is that correct?

Ellia@omegaicarus: "I did have my suscpions that it could be Tre'lana, I can't lie about that. But went into hiding? I did that for safety of the Outpost."

Areyis@Bywing: Why did you not inform Argo Command of the danger?

Ellia@omegaicarus looks around slightly. "Because she has ears everywhere."

Areyis@Bywing: What series of events caused you to believe that you were being monitored?

Ellia@omegaicarus thinks for a moment. "I got a message from a friend that S'Tarian was captured and he told me to suspcet the worst. So, I did."

Areyis@Bywing: You should have informed Argo Command.

Ellia@omegaicarus looks up at the picture on the wall. "Hypothetical: If I did tell Command, Tre'lana would of sent her agents to finish me before I even left the hanger."

Areyis@Bywing: Lt Commander, it is your duty no matter what the danger to yourself, to inform Starfleet of any imminent threat to either yourself or others.

Ellia@omegaicarus shakes her head. "Not in internal affiars, sir."

Areyis@Bywing: This is the protocol and duty of -every- Starfleet officer.

Areyis@Bywing: You should be well aware of this.

Areyis@Bywing: As for now, it is irrelevant, and may be discussed at a later date.

Ellia@omegaicarus leans back in her chair. "Then, what is relevant now?"

Areyis@Bywing: I require any and all information or insights you may have to offer concerning the identity of Tre'lana Corrano.

Ellia@omegaicarus sits in a chair.

Ellia@omegaicarus glares off to a wall. "I can't give you everything, sir."

Areyis@Bywing: For what reason are you unable to do so>

Areyis@Bywing: ?*

Ellia@omegaicarus: "I may want my sister turned into the proper attorities, yes. But only after I've dealt with my problem."

Areyis@Bywing: Lt Commander, when I told you that you must answer my questions.

Areyis@Bywing: It was not a request.

Areyis@Bywing: It was an order.

Ellia@omegaicarus nods, glaring. "Tre'lana Corrano, Federation traitor, known firestarter. Hids out with the Klingons. Does that suffice, sir."

Areyis@Bywing: Is that all the information you are aware of concerning this individual?

Ellia@omegaicarus raies an eyebrow. "Do you want her life story?"

Areyis@Bywing: I want all information that may be essential to her capture.

Areyis@Bywing: If you believe her life story is essential to this, then it is necessary that I hear it.

Ellia@omegaicarus: "I don't know much at the moment. I haven't seen or heard her in almost 18 years. I haven't a clue about her except her childhood and her Federation file."

Areyis@Bywing: Lt Commander, you have made me suspicious. I believe it is possible that you are with-holding information when I ask you questions.

Ellia@omegaicarus shakes her head. "Sir! I am not with-holding anything! If I was, I would of made it much more noticable."

Areyis@Bywing: You mentioned that there was a problem you had that you wished to deal with.

Areyis@Bywing: What is it?

Ellia@omegaicarus glares at him, the most serious anyone as ever, EVER, seen her. "She betrayed my trust and is bent on bring me down to my knees. I would like to have it dealt with on my terms, Captain!"

Areyis@Bywing: What are your terms?

Ellia@omegaicarus: "That I finish off where she left me 19 years ago. Down in the dumps and gasping for breath. Those are my main terms at the moment."

Areyis@Bywing: How do you wish to proceed in order to do this?

Ellia@omegaicarus almost growls out her words. "I will take a ship, haul it to the other side of the universe if need be, and crash it onto what ever she calls home." dramatic pause.

Ellia@omegaicarus: "I will make her pay for what she's done to me and my friends!"

*Enter: Vulcan trickery*

Areyis@Bywing: Perhaps I can assist you in this. Do you know where she is?

Areyis@Bywing: Perhaps we -can- end this on your terms.

Ellia@omegaicarus shakes her head. "No. I don't know where she is." Thinks for a moment. "But, I might be able to find someone who does know or is able to find a way to find that Traitor."

Areyis@Bywing: Who would be able to assist us in finding her?

Ellia@omegaicarus looks towards the direction of the currently docked Bulwark. "Captain Hannas Offarus, sir."

Areyis@Bywing: How do you know that he is able to provide us with the information we need?

Ellia@omegaicarus: "They use to be together. If she has eyes on him, then we should watch him too."

Areyis@Bywing: Interesting.

Areyis@Bywing: Is there anything else you believe may assist us in finding her?

S'Tarian@CeMetzli: "Captain Areyis. the romulan is in the lounge but is still under guard"

Areyis@Bywing: =/\= "Under who's authority was he allowed out of sickbay"

Ellia@omegaicarus: "The Romulans S'Tarian and Da'nia. Da'nia is good in finding people. S'Tarian I know will want to help, orders or no orders."

Areyis@Bywing: S'Tarian will be required to follow orders.

S'Tarian@CeMetzli: =/\= duty medical said there was no reasoin to keep him there specifically sir, and he hasn't been brigged so.."

Areyis@Bywing: and your conduct has been questionable.

S'Tarian@CeMetzli: "they discharged him"

Areyis@Bywing: You have been hesitant to answer my questions and follow my orders.

Areyis@Bywing: =/\= "Acknowledged"

Ellia@omegaicarus looks around the room. "I do aplogise about that, sir. But I don't have all the inforamtion you seek."

Areyis@Bywing: Your prefered method on dealing with Tre'Lana Corrano contradicts Starfleet Regulation.

Areyis@Bywing: It is also possible that the situation concerning her has impaired your judgement.

Ellia@omegaicarus bears teeth. "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth."

Areyis@Bywing: A file will be reported and your conduct will be reviewed.

Areyis@Bywing: Dismissed.

Ellia@omegaicarus nods. "Yes, sir."
To: Captain Areyis, U.S.S. Mabel
From: Captain Thomson, U.S.S Bulwark
Subject: Lt Commander Corrano


I'd like to meet with you at your earliest convience to discuss this. I will be aboard the Bulwark.

Captain Robert Thomson
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Bulwark


TO: Captain Areyis
CC: Commodore Ashworth, Captain Thomson
FROM: Captain Morton
RE: Possible Misconduct


As more information appears to be unraveling itself as the introductory investigations are carried out, Lieutenant Commander Corrano's conduct aboard the outpost has been brought to various officers attention twice previously. While these mentions appear to be extremely minor to the possible consequences of her apparent more recent actions, it's started a visual link between personal circumstances surrounding her. As the Lieutenant Commander has been stationed as the U.S.S. Bulwarks Executive Officer (as well as her personal standing with Captain Thomson), Captain Thomson shall be spoken to surrounding his current evaluation of her. It further deems an insight that the individual may be acting on personal impulse, and should be handled as if emotionally compromised - which may be completely the other direction to what her current status actually is, however it would be the safe option we can take - and if your concern for the people of Outpost Argo is still valid, it seems necessary that she should be placed under light duties with minor interval supervision until conclusive evidence is found corresponding to the safety of the Outpost, deeming her clear for full duty.

With Captain Hannas' circumstances still under investigation, it should be considered there are no coincidences.

S'Tarian requested a meeting with me during his time in medical, which information regarding that will be brought to light within the next several hours, along with further relevant information.