Report that Razor probably won't read.


Concerning - The U.S.S Mabel
NCC Number - 93016-B
Commanding Officer: Captain Areyis Darnis King
Location of Incident: Aldebaren Sector
Approximate Coordinates: #####.##.#
Number of Prisoners: 96
Number of defectors: 21

On Stardate #####.## the U.S.S. Mabel encountered and disabled a Breen Cruiser which
was among the many who had attacked the defectors from the Breen Confederacy, the Mabel's Commanding
Officer, Captain King requested that the ship meet the terms of unconditional surrender
by Starfleet Command and met them with force when they refused to comply.

The following attached footage shows the engagement and surrender
*attached footage showing the engagement and surrender*

When the Breen Cruiser had been disabled, Captain King had an Away Team secure the vessel

The following attached footage shows the securing of the vessel
*attached footage showing the securing of the vessel(This footage clearly shows that the Mabel's Chief of Security chews tobacco)*

The Breen vessel was then towed by tractor beam to Deep Space K-7 where it was confiscated by Starfleet Command and
the Prisoners were delivered to the detention areas.

((If Razor watchs the tapes very closely, he will notice that Areyis didn't inform Starfleet Command until AFTER he disabled the Breen Cruiser))

_End Report_- ***********
Note: Edited the errors in the report.