Report: The Meeting

=/\= ***Incoming message*** =/\=

Priority level: 2

--Encryption activated--

Requiring authorization from: Commodore Randall Ashworth

Awaiting code......

--Password and voice recognition accepted--

Subject: Orion Syndicate plot
From: Captain Areyis Fulagsu, Commanding Officer of U.S.S. Mabel
To: Commodore Randall Ashworth, Fleet Commander of Task Force Argo

At an approximate Stardate of 485608.9, myself and several officers met in the conference room,
we had been called togethor by a concerned Romulan named Rellir, who claimed to have been approached by
a man named Vance.

Upon researching his identity, he is found to be a male trill, approximately 5'8, with dark hair.
He is also known for his alignment with the Klingon Empire. Rellir reported that she had been
approached by this individual, and was convinced that this should be investigated by those of

She stressed that it seemed to be important. I however, suspected that this may be a trap.
Although, I also calculated that the likelihood of a trap was not high. As there are many more
effective ways to create a distraction, so as to ambush an officer.

I therefore agreed to personally meet with this individual and the Klingon who he would be
accompanying. The rest of our team agreed that they would appear on Drozana station
incognito, wearing casual attire, pretending to enjoy themselves by purchasing drinks and
gambling, all the while they would listen to my conversation through a device which I had
planted on the collar of my robe.

This way, should the meeting prove to be nothing more than an attempt to capture a starfleet
officer, I would be able to quickly escape, and possibly overpower any attackers.

Fortunately, there was no ambush, and the contact was legitimate. He informed me that
the Orion Syndicate had found a way to scientifically manipulate the minds of other
species, and that they were working to perfect this formula so as to control every
single type of species.

I had my science officers aboard the Mabel examine the legitimacy of these claims, and
they found them to be accurate. Therefore myself and the rest of the Captains attending
decided that we must act quickly.

We departed for a small base near the Ker'rat system, and invaded their outpost. Dispatching
any guards with relative ease. We found that there was a trill corpse which we were unable
to recover. I have informed Starfleet of the outpost, and they will likely recover any bodies.

We did not find any bio-weapons. However, we discovered that an Orion ship had been
fleeing the outpost, and was giving off a high energy warp signature.

Though we attempted to pursue, we were unable to do so, for concern that we may provoke
the Klingon Armada which is approaching near that sector of space.

It is likely that an Orion informer was spying on the conversation I had with Vance in Drozana

That is the end of this report.

Areyis out.