Request Assignment of Commander Dae

To: Argo Command Team Mail-Group
From: Kurland, James
Subject: Request Assignment of Commander Dae
Stardate: 90350.0

Argo Command Team,

My Command at DS9 has been investigating an incident that occurred in the Beta Ursae sector, involving the USS Atlas, and a Bajoran militant group and Cardassian and Bajoran colonist,.

In relation to this event, I am requesting that Commander Dae, the Captain of the USS Atlas, be re-assigned to my command for the duration of this investigation, and pending in disciplinary action, should that be judicated

Captain Kurland
Deep Space Nine

TO: Admiral Thackett, Starbase K-7; Kurland, James, DS9; Starfleet Human Resources Command
FROM: Jal'Shan, DS13 Administration
SUBJECT: Request Assignment of Commander Dae

Captain Kurtland,

Your request has been approved. Commander Dae has been on administrative leave on Bajor for several weeks, and as you are aware, has frequented your station, as part of the investigation. We will consider this request as approved immediately.

Starfleet Human Resources Command,

Task Force Argo is requesting a command officer replacement for the USS Atlas as soon as possible. the USS Atlas is currently located at Deep Space Thirteen with an acting commanding officer.

Lt Jal'Shan
Admin Officer
Task Force Argo