Request For Legal Counsel for Tevalak T'Ren

To: 38th/JAG
From: LCDR Loxton
Subj: Request Legal Counsel for Tevalak T’Ren


After a request to Mister T’Ren’s personal lawyers got a response of ‘We cannot represent this man in any legal capacity’, I am hereby requesting someone be assigned to represent him.

They have my sincere sympathies, whoever it may be.

LCDR Loxton
Security Department
Deep Space 13


To: LCDR Loxton
CC: 38th/JAG; DS13/Security
From: LTJG Niazov
Subj: Re: Request Legal Counsel for Tevalak T’Ren

Hey there, Commander. Gratz on the promotion. I’m going to go ahead and ping the public defender’s office and see if they’ve got the resources to spare. In the meantime, let’s keep the boyo in the brig pending his first appearance and arraignment. I’m also going to see about getting a court order to have the dude see a psychiatrist to ascertain whether he was in the right mind at the time. Let’s go ahead and do this by the book, can you get me the following?:

  1. Miggins’ testimony about the event in controversy (EiC).

  2. Video surveillance of the EiC.

  3. Logs and records pertaining to this cited hologram.

  4. Your own previous encounters with the suspect.

  5. Get me pictures of 1) the doors, 2) the interior, 3) the street outside the venue.

Do me a favor and don’t interact with the suspect anymore until we need to. Someone else can handle brig duty.

Furthermore, did the suspect specifically ask for an attorney? Or was it his previously retained firm that sent us an unsolicited message on the subject?

LTJG Sonya Niazov
Judge Advocate


To: LTJG Niazov
CC: 38th/JAG; DS13/Security
From: LCDR Loxton
Subj: RE: Re: Request Legal Counsel for Tevalak T’Ren

Hello Lieutenant and thank you!

Please find attached Miggins’ testimony about the EiC. I recommend you get yourself in a comfy chair with a gallon of tea and some sandwiches as he had a lot to say. Also find attached the relevant video surveillance, logs and records pertaining to the Wallstark hologram and the pictures of the doors, interior and area outside the venue.

As for my own previous encounters with Tevalak, they have wavered between belligerent and cordial. The cordial was usually when he was wanting me to bend the rules for him because he was, and I quote, “A very important man” and the belligerence would come when I would not grant him access to restricted and sensitive areas of the station and it’s main computer and when I refused his permit for a personal weapon.

As for not interacting, I’ve assigned another officer to brig duty and I am glad to do this. I am going to say that this does both you and I a favour.

Yes, he specifically asked for his own attorney, which I dutifully sent the message to Woolley, Appleby and Hacker, who promptly replied they no longer are his legal counsel and other arrangements would have to be made.

In short, as the old saying goes “Tag, you’re it”.

Sorry Sonya. Forgive me?

LCDR Nick Loxton
Security Officer

//ATTACHMENT// MigginsTestimony.ext