Request for sci/med team at Talos Junction

Briefing: LCDR Tyenne has requested the presence of a science/medical team at Talos Junction to help with ... something?


GM / OOC Contact: @evenrue

IC Location: Talos Junction (Doza Outpost-1) ((OOCly, the colony holding))

OOC Requirements: Science or medical trained personnel only

OOC Notes: This is a pretty basic/simple GMed assignment. Please post below if you're interested and we'll schedule accordingly.


Final transcript for event:
I could bring my doctor out of the vault for this
I have a Doctor in the form of Viamonta.  I'm sure she could help.
I have an MD I could bring to this.
Subject to when, I could have Lennie available if a biologist/linguist is of any benefit.
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Really dependent on when this weekend, but I could offer a ship for the trip (via Tadashi) or maybe Alina as science person but I don't know about that really. Time times are a bit tighter this weekend so if it ends up ruling me out don't worry about it.
If a geologist would be helpful I can try to make this with Sorik, depending on scheduling.
Doodle poll for scheduling this: (link removed)

If it turns out no one is available in this timeset, we can wait, no biggie.
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This week won't work for me really, so I stayed out of the poll, just wanted to say something.
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Trying this again.

Going to open this up to any personnel with a sci/med background, not just current sci/med personnel.
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I'll register interest for that 6/7th Jan, I just need to check my work schedule before putting in times.
This has been scheduled for 6 Jan @ beta.