Ricossa Steps Down and Age of Discovery


I'm still new to new to STO to know what Ricossa stepping down might mean. It does seem he was well liked at least, but I don't know about the new guy either.

Having just finished and actually one of the group that liked Discoery's take on Trek for the most part, I'm curious to see how they bring that version of the past into the present more traditional game.

Curious what you long timers think.
Well.. first off, I really hope that they include new ships from Discovery (I really want my Nimitz-class!), it would also be neat if we could see Kelpiens included for playable races. I am a little disappointed because I already have the Walker and the Crossfield on Nimitz. If I had known there was gonna be a Discovery era faction I would have saved them.
I'd love a Kelpien, yeah.

I'd also kill for a Crossfield-class bridge that can be used on multiple ships, because that'd make a great 25th century bridge, lol.

..Y'know, given the weird, STO-Iconian looking silhouette Burnham sees in the trailer, this.. may be the start of some actual cross-media stuff. Who knows- maybe they saw Rebels Maul show up in Solo and got inspired.
if we are going Discovery I will be playing Lt Cmdr Tardigrade