[Rom/JSI] Thats the Job!

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Dewa III "New Romulus", Azure Sector; Beta Quadrant

A man in his mid 30’s stood by one of the terminals, absentmindedly scanning the Extranet for catchy headlines. His uniform and demeanor screamed Military, but his uniform was not like any of the other Republic Officers that were walking about command. After a few moments, one of the Uhlan approached, clearing their throat to announce themselves. “Commander Rolovk will see you now, Sir.” The junior officer spoke quickly. The man turned and nodded in acknowledgement with a slight grin and followed the officer down the corridor to one of the offices deeper into the compound, ending in one of the office. The man stepped in to find an Elder Romulan sitting at his desk reviewing data on his terminal. The man quickly approached the desk and snapped to attention.

Sikeek “Commander Rolovk Sir, Centurion Sikeek Reporting as ordered, Sir!” He declared in a formal tone, raising his hand to salute the officer on the other side of the desk.

Cmdr. Rolovk Gazes at Sikeek’s act and shakes his head “Your retired now Sikeek, you don’t have to salute me anymore.” He stated matter-of-factly.

Sikeek his bearing relaxed and he gave the elder a large smile “Yea, but think of all the people I could piss off when I don’t do it for them!”

The two men cracked into laughter as Commander Rolovk rose from his seat and reached across, grasping Sikeek’s outstretched arm in friendly embrace.

Cmdr. Rolovk “Its good to see you again my boy! How are things back home at the Helix?” He asks as he returns to his chair and motions for Sikeek to relax

Sikeek Takes a seat “Going good, been keeping myself busy. Inherited my family’s cells, so been putting them to use doing some odds and ends errands.”

Cmdr. Rolovk “I heard. Got picked up by Suliban Security pretty quick huh?”

Sikeek “Oh yea, Well, Pops was already a retired Constable. That along with my military record, it was a no brainer. Thankfully they don’t have half the problems they use too, so I have been picking up transport jobs here and there to help bring in supplies and credits. Stuff some of the other traders are too weary to venture.”

Cmdr. Rolovk “You know, for a man who resigned to go back home…you sure are spending a lot of time away from it.” he jabbed

Sikeek he sighed heavily at the Commanders words. “Ya know…I spent about as many years fighting in the stars, as I did living on the Helix as a boy…It was the memory of home that always helped me pull through during some of the darker times. But…when I finally went back; it wasn’t the same place I remembered.” he looked down from the desk. “The people were the same, the layout…but it all just felt…different…so foreign to me.”

Cmdr. Rolovk “It wasn’t the place that changed, it was you. Not that it is a bad thing. In fact, you getting out when you did was probably the smartest move you could have made. It pains me the number of our young who have died in service, and never got to see the fruits of their labor.”

Sikeek “What about you, Old man? How the hell did they managed to shackle your ass behind a desk?”

Cmdr. Rolovk Gives a hearty chuckle “That was a long time coming! Hell, I thought they were going to do it when I crashed that D’Khellra into that Herald Dreadnought!”

Sikeek Begins to laugh at the memory “Oh god! I remember the khre’Riov
was SO pissed at you, we thought we were going to have to pull him off, looked like he wanted to kill you for wrecking his flagship.”

Cmdr. Rolovk “Well, that veruul shouldn’t have abandoned his station when the ship was disabled and left me in charge. But no…to tell you the truth, all it took was a walk to convince me. On a starship, no matter how big the vessel, your still confined. Here, whenever I’ve had enough, I can just…walk outside. See the cities and the people…watch them grow. It’s a good reminder that -THIS- is what I sacrificed my youth for.”

Sikeek “Well, I doubt you called me here to reminisce about your younger days. You were as old as dirt when I first joined up!”

Cmdr. Rolovk HAH!The old commander chuckled, slapping his knee “Still sharp as ever. And true. I had a question for you. Back on Stardate 98926 you ran a shipping transport for a Federation Starbase, correct?”

Sikeek “Yea, there was a large rush order for duratanium, power cells, bolts and the like. Bunch of couriers were grabbing for the job. I think they were building some sort of Mobile Drydock or something. I didn’t pay much attention to anything other than the amount of credits it brought in.

Cmdr. Rolovk Yes, Deep Space 13. They had a galactic incident going on in the Doza/Itrin Sectors. We actually have a JSI Squadron attached to that outpost.

Sikeek “Oh, that’s nice!” he stated sarcastically “This is where I have to remind you I’m retired right? I kind of drunkenly told off a couple of aristocratical Sub-Commanders after I left, and not looking to give them a chance to get back at me for it.”

Cmdr. Rolovk Raises his hand to calm the younger man “Oh calm down, I’m not trying to conscript you back into service or anything, but there is an opportunity I wanted to bring to your attention. See, now that the fighting has settled out there, the Federation is looking to help stabilize the region. This is calling for a lot of goods to be transported to various worlds, mostly food and survival commodities.”

Sikeek “But…?”

Cmdr. Rolovk “Well it WAS an active warzone, and now its practically destabilized, lawlessness, despiration. A lot of trade ships are weary of joining the efforts, even WITH guaranteed escorts. We’re looking for a few ships and ‘Captains’ with the meddle to get the job done. You being former Republic is just an added bonus, don’t have to drill the same briefs with you as much.

Sikeek Contemplates the offer “Terms?”

Cmdr. Rolovk “6-Month Civilian Contract, 25% pre-agreed cost up front with an added Weekly Stipend, then 75% of the rest plus commission upon end of service. For you, I’ll even run your vessel through our Upfitting Dock before you leave. Gatta make sure your vessel meets Republic Standard.”

Sikeek “Not saying ‘Yes’ quite yet, but who would I report too?”

Cmdr. Rolovk smirks, knowing he has the boy at the end of the lure “Wing Commander Miral. A good man, and good commander.”

To be Continued

OOC I made a Romulan (sorta)! And I didn’t make an additional 6-7 Characters to go with this one! Once I get him -situated- IC’ly, willing to mingle with anyone on the Mean/Green Side!
Directed By:
Deep Space 13, V774 Tau System, Aldebaran Sector; Beta Quadrant

DS13 Space Traffic Control Transcript

[DS13] STC Tower OPEN: (3/5/2422 22:30) Approaching Vessel, this is Deep Space 13 Space Traffic Control Tower. You registered are on approach. Unable to authenticate your IFF Transponder Signal, please recalibrate and transmit. Over.

[DS13] STC Tower OPEN: (3/5/2422 22:33)Unidentified Vessel, be advised, you are entering secure Federation Space, please respond and transmit IFF Signature. Over.

[DS13] STC Tower to [FED] Falcon 9: (3/5/2422 22:35) Tower to Falcon-9 Move to intercept unidentified vessel bearing 019 Mark 265. Unable to register Transponder and Negative Comms Traffic.

[FED] Falcon 9 to [DS13] STC Tower: (3/5/2422 22:36) Falcon-9 Copy, and Enroute to Intercept.

[FED] Falcon 9 to [DS13] STC Tower: (3/5/2422 22:38) Uhh, Falcon-9 to Tower. Did we have any flight plans out of the Nightmare Nebula!? The hell is this thing?!

[DS13] STC Tower to [FED] Falcon 9: (3/5/2422 22:39) Receiving telemetry Falcon-9, Standby.

[FED] Falcon 9 to [DS13] STC Tower: (3/5/2422 22:39) That’s Clear Tower. Whatever it is has registered me and come to a stop. Scanning now.

[DS13] STC Tower to [FED] Falcon 9: (3/5/2422 22:40) Scans Received Falcon-9. This vessel is on record as SCS Shal Tek, Civilian Freighter out of the Suliban Helix.

[CIV] Shal Tek OPEN: (3/5/2422 22:41) Oh for the love of Romulus, WORK Damn you! SCS Shal Tek to Control Tower, Come in.

[DS13] STC Tower OPEN: (3/5/2422 22:41) SCS Shal Tek, we are registering you now.

[CIV] Shal Tek OPEN: (3/5/2422 22:42) Sorry about that Tower, had some work done recently, apparently they modified my IFF Transponder as well and it didn’t mesh well with my current system, switched back to my old frequency. SCS Shal Tek requesting docking clearance, I have business with the onboard Republic JSI.

[DS13] STC Tower OPEN: (3/5/2422 22:43) Understood Shal Tek. Falcon-9 will escort you to Docking Bay 17 for security screening.

[CIV] Shal Tek OPEN: (3/5/2422 22:44) That’s Clear Tower. Falcon-9, Assuming that’s you in front of me. Lead the way!

[FED] Falcon 9 OPEN: (3/5/2422 22:44) Uhh, that’s clear Tower, SCS Shal Tek, please release docking controls, ill guide you in.

[DS13] STC Tower to [FED] Falcon 9: (3/5/2422 22:46) What’s wrong O’Neil? Never seen a Sulbian Cell Ship before?

[FED] Falcon 9 to [DS13] STC Tower: (3/5/2422 22:47) Not 5 Meters from my Cockpit I haven’t! Jesus…Warn me next time!

After completing security screening and ironing out the issues with his IFF Transmitter, The SCS Shal Tek disengaged its excess Transport Pods, leaving them docked at the Cargo Storage Facility and set a course for DS13 again, this time with authorization for docking at the Main Docking bay.

The arrival of the -squid- like vessel drew some attention at the docking bay as the appendages of the Suliban Vessel were used to latch onto the docking pad and pull the Control Module into a secure landing. the arms then proceeded to wrap around the control pod creating a tight cocoon before making a small opening for the disembarking hatch.

Sikeek was use to this by now, it wasn’t often a Cell Ship got this far out, so it was considered a curious oddity whenever he did formally land somewhere. He nodded to the Flight Deck Control officer, inviting them to go on in and tour the ship while he got himself something to drink.

(Heads up the Turbolift to the Promenade to find himself a drink)

To be Continued

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