Round Table

I read there is a "Role Play Round-Table" scheduled in-game for March 2nd.


Might be good idea for at least a representative from the fleet to attend and see what we can recruit/scout.

Not that anyone has to. But it might yield some nice results or at least maybe a contact with another RP fleet like we have with the 26th.

Just a suggestion
I went last time, and it wasn't very worthwhile. The Trust seems to be trying to imitate/resuscitate/recruit for IFAF.

And everyone talked at once, and had no idea the codematic limitations that made all their demands totally unrealistic. xD
Ah. That's too bad then. I'm trying hard to remember The Trust or some of their members but I'm drawing a blank. Probably because I figured most (see also: All) of the IFAF was full of god-modders, ERPers, griefers, and generally annoying so I avoided contact with them. Which is a shame because it's a great concept just completely unregulated.
What is IFAF?

I went to one of their trials once as a witness to be asked for reference on opinions blah bah.

The Admiral had been fraternizing with a Romulan Spy, and was put on Court Martial, and even though
the Romulan Spy managed to seduce the Admiral and get the information with her knowing FULL well
that it was Tal'Shiar....they let her get off.....why you ask? Because it wasn't HER fault she fell in love and
gave all the highly classified Starfleet secrets just happened. :roll:

I always despised how AEF wasn't "actually" starfleet, so they could somehow get away with breaking just about
every Starfleet Regulation.

But....I guess i'm just ranting.
'... And there you have it your honour. She batted her eyelashes and I just couldn't help but borrow the shuttlecraft for a quick detour. T'eh.'
Youuuu just made my morning. Thanks, Soph! :d
I'm still mostly lost in the sauce.
IFAF was an attempt at forming an RP alliance between multiple fleets. It more or less turned into impotent monthly meetings and an attempt to police everyone's activity. It also had a Trill Princess who was a JAG judge, admiral, and a governor on Trill.
Well, at least that's not meta-gaming!

Ok, thanks for the info. Sounds like a good idea in concept, poorly executed.