RRW Tebok - Commander's Star Log

RRW Tebok
Commander’s Star Log

Commander’s Star Log, Stardate 99657

The redeployment of military forces to Tri’Vokil has, unfortunately, left many frontier worlds vulnerable to threats from within. RRF Command relayed to the Tebok this morning about a criminal cartel seizing control of New Raltok, an isolated Republic colony.

The RRW Tebok is en route to deal with these upstarts and restore order. It will also be the first mission the crew of the Tebok is truly put through its paces.

Commander’s Star Log, Supplemental

The eccentric leader of this criminal cartel holding the colony hostage, apparently, is confident whatever he possesses is enough to defeat the RRF. Commander Salil, Lieutenant Shea, and myself are preparing to prove otherwise. Further, I am rather keen on knowing about the strange energy reading identified by Lieutenant Shea. I have a sordid feeling about it.


RRW Tebok
Commander’s Star Log

Commander’s Star Log, Stardate 99717.2

The recent internment of a Romulan merchant vessel by Breen forces is causing a significant stir in the Senate. Many are calling for the Military to take direct, decisive action.

The RRW Tebok is being deployed near Breen territory to remedy the situation. Something feels… off about the whole situation, though. I will be informing my staff to keep careful eyes on the situation. I do not like how much pressure the Senate is placing on the RRF. Further, I am puzzled as to why the Breen would suddenly feel the need to intern a merchant vessel.

I suppose we will find out soon enough.