=^= Fleet Ops =^= A civilian freighter in the Korris system has sent out a distress call. Any available Starfleet ships are to respond. The Korris system is near our starbase. Any avaible ships, please divert to intercept. Fleet Ops, out. =^=

(Here is the mission for the week. It has both a space and ground component to it. Its pretty straight forward as far as what you have to do. Maybe a bit quicker than last weeks, but a bit more complex. Simpler RP plot so not as big of a forum post requirement. Looking for some takers and feedback. It is called S.S. Gorning Distress Call - TFA in the foundry. Thanks!)
I reallyt need to learn how to do the foundry
{{I'll accept the challenge my good - alien? What sort of write up would be required afterwards? Annnnnnnd is there a recommended number of players?}}
(( I imagine you can do it with one, two, or three. Foundry missions scale enemies depending on players (which is totally awesome, way to go Cryptic). If you did it with 4 or more it would probably go REALLY quick. Its already designed to be under an hour, more likely around 20 to 30 minutes. The write-up is totally whatever you want to put into it! I really enjoy the RP-flavor I find on the forums and am trying to encourage it. there is no format, nor a wrong answer on anything. Post it here... make a new post. Put as much or as little as you want into it. I us them to build off of for future missions. Feel free to make stuff up with them too! Maybe one of the bad guys told you something before he died, or you captured him?!?!? Run with it as much or as little as you want. PLEASE!

-Cherry syrup))