S.S. Icalus

S.S. Icalus
Marcus-Class Civilain Trader
Merchant Service SS-97061-R


Launched in 2278, the S.S. Icalus is a long-distance cargo-hauler that has been in the Vaerun family for three generations. Though far from a newer model ship, extensive upgrades and retrofits have ensured that she remains up-to-snuff. After the Hobus incident, the Icalus became, like many Romulan ships, a self-contained city, with greenhouses and extensive support systems meant to ensure the crew would survive everything short of a catastrophic systems failure or hull breach.

In the hands of the latest Captain, Khoal, the Icalus has had even more extensive upgrades. Updated weapons and shields, a new engine, and even a stealth system have been added, making, as the Captain puts it, "the old girl one hell of a slippery eel, as the humans say".


Length: 900 meters
Wdith: 150 meters
Height: 387 meters
Weight: --
Cargo Capacity: 125,000 metric tons

Number of Decks: 36 (24 habitable)
Crew: 600 (max) 10 (skeleton) 14 (current)

Average Cruising Speed: Warp 7
Maximum Cruising Speed: Warp 8.5
Maximum Speed: Warp 9

A pair of Mk IX Plasma Turrets, located on the port and starboard sides of the ship

Defensive Equipment:
Deflector Shield

Other Equipment:

Romulan Cloaking Device