S.S. Longshot Hypothesis


Federation Commerce License Number: LH-004-5200


Vessel History

The Longshot Hypothesis was built in 2397 at the Haso shipyards. Often emphasizing construction speed over vessel safety, Tuffli class freighters coming off this line suffered from a slew of malfunctions. The yards were shut down in 2398 after failing to meet Federation quality control standards. Suffering from a myriad of construction shortcuts, the first voyage of the Longshot Hypothesis resulted in a critical hull failure that killed the crew. Adrift for over seven weeks, a salvage operation hauled the ship back. The vessel was repaired and the safety issues rectified before resale.

The vessel was sold with a heavily discounted price tag to its second owner: a small but successful trade business in the Alpha Quadrant. Longshot Hypothesis made trade runs for roughly fifteen years without anything more than minor technological troubles. Converted to carry mostly ore, the ship made runs between Federation trade hubs in the Alpha quadrant and raw material sits in numerous asteroid belts. The owner of the ship and trading company it belonged to was killed during the Iconian war.

Sold at auction to its current owner, Longshot Hypothesis was converted to dedicate 70% of its cargo space to luxury and trade goods, while retaining some ore carrying capacity. The new owners, an independent merchant outfit operating a small fleet of trade vessels in the Kelterre and Doza sectors, assigned the vessel to a new trade route. Originating at Itrin, the ship made runs to Echomet, New Circini, Annatar, and back again. The owners were able to make such a profit by cutting through what many consider to be Confederacy of Azed territory, shortening journey times by several weeks.

Crew Manifest

Captain: Thoray th'Rella. Andorian, Male

First Mate: Fere Haro. Bajoran, Female

Chief Engineer: Sura. Romulan, Male

Second Engineer: Ariad Regaun. Trill, Female

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Crewmember: C'erow. Caitian, Male

Crewmember: Kona Konicek. Human, Female

Crewmember: Surrausa. Romulan, Female

Crewmember: Rass Th'zhihraq. Andorian, Male

Crewmember: Dvend Jullagh. Tellarite, Female

Crewmember: Iju. Romulan, Male

Crewmember: Crat Nara. Bolian, Male

Crewmember: Ewan Girbach. Human, Male