Sagittarius Squadron | SAR: U.S.S. Kincardine

Continuing the discussion from Sagittarius Squadron Orders:

To: RADM Bishop, S.
CC: <38th/Sagittarius>
From: CAPT Holmes, A.
Subj: RE: SAR: U.S.S. Kincardine


We will make this our priority and won’t let you or the Kincardine crew down.

The above is the projected region of search based on the route between DS13 and Betazed. There are a few troubling areas, most notably the Aokii system, a known True Way stronghold and the Betreka Nebula typically holding host to scavengers and pirates due to the highly corrosive gases contained within.

Captain Pryce (@Nimitz), as the Mariner is the fastest ship in our taskforce. I’d like you to head as soon as possible along the flight path submitted by the Kincardine crew. I’d like you to corroborate the transponder timings with Federation subspace network stations, and facilities along the way. If we can work out where the shuttle stopped communicating, we can eliminate a large portion of our search area. Once you’ve done so, communicate your findings with the Dallas and Valkyrie.

Commander Kermit (@Davin), until we hear from the Mariner, we shall remain in a standard search pattern of our respective areas. Valkyrie will proceed to the Kelterre Sector, Alpha Quadrant and search the region along the flightpath indicated above. Dallas will search the respective areas in the Aldebaran Sector, Beta Quadrant.

If the shuttle encountered any difficulties along the way, we can hope an attempt to land on a class M, or similar life supporting body, was made, so instruct your planetary science teams to look out for these as well.

We will find them, don’t give up hope.

Captain Alexandria Holmes
Commanding Officer,
USS Dallas