Sakari System Search and Rescue.

Stardate: 92498.02
Emery Quint, Captain, USS Paladin

On Stardate 92496.13 I, Captain Quint of the USS Paladin was assigned as
the Flag Officer of a Search and Rescue force in the Sakari System of the
Syllerran Sector. The Search and Rescue force included, USS October,
USS Gladiator, USS Kindred and USS Jellico. We had been tasked with
locating a Talaxian freighter that had suffered an unknown malfunction.
Upon arrival in the system I directed USS Kindred to the center of the fleet as
they would provide initial aid. USS October and USS Gladiator were assigned
to hold a ten kilometer perimeter, and the USS Jellico and USS Paladin served
as picket line beyond that. This would allow USS Jellico to provide support to
any distressed outside of the established perimeter as well as be able to move
in and support any operations USS Kindred would conduct.

After our initial arrival we had to scan the sector repeatedly to narrow down the
search area. The Talaxian freighter was discovered adrift and suffering from an
imminent warp core breach. USS Kindred with the aid of USS Jellico beamed the
crew and cargo off of the vessel. While to focus was the crew several did bring
items of cargo aboard both ships. This situation was not received well, however
before being able to sort out the issues a group of ships warped in and demanded
the cargo. USS October and USS Gladiator moved to an intercept position
providing protection to USS Kindred and USS Jellico.

After a short conversation with the Talaxian Captain we discovered this group, the
Pralor, had made arrangements to purchase the cargo. This meeting was also cut
short as a second group, identified as the Cravic also arrived and demanded the
cargo, stating that it had been stolen from them. The Talaxians were unable to clarify
this part of the issue. Both the Pralor and Cravic are artificial life forms, I would not
place them on the level of self aware as the Voyager EMH, Commander Data, or the
hologram on Deep Space 9 however. The items in question would allow these groups
to reproduce and continue a centuries long war that has destroyed both creating races
worlds and peoples.

The choices available were of either keeping the cargo, which would involve the Federation
directly in the internal affairs of non Federation nations, destroying the cargo, again
involving the Federation directly in the internal affairs of non Federation nations, or choosing
one group or another to give the items to, again involving the Federation Directly in this conflict.

The only course I felt closest to adhering to the Prime Directive in this instance was in completing
the original deal brokered by the Talaxians with the Pralor. This caused our ships to be fired upon
by the Cravic vessels, instigating a full scale conflict. At the conclusion of the hostilities no Cravic
ships remained, and only a few Pralor ships seemed to incur damage. USS Gladiator reported 44
wounded, USS October reported 74 wounded. USS Kindred and USS Jellico sustained only minor
shield damage. The wounded were delivered to USS Jellico for treatment and the Talaxians were
dropped off at the nearest safe port. EOR