((This post deals with mature themes, reader discretion.))

The door chirped for a fifth time, before it slid open, security override. The sound of music, light in tone and in the background, playing.

And something else, voices from a small viewscreen on the wall.

“Captain Savage?” The security officer asked as she looked around the darkened room.

“…Risa is for tourists, and perverts.” A woman on the screen said. Later the investigation team would discover her name, Susan Crenshaw, she had been the Chief Science officer on the U.S.S. Mystic, before her death over Terix II.

Another voice answered her, unseen, likely holding the holoimager, “You’re not a pervert? Wedding’s cancelled.” This voice was clearly that of Alex Savage.

“You’re absolutely shameless, Alex.” Susan said from beyond the grave.

The security officer ventured deeper into the cabin, her head on a swivel.

“You wouldn’t have me any other way.” Savage said on the screen, which showed Susan’s face in close-up. She had a blush to her cheeks.

Susan put her hand up, it blocked the entire screen, casting the room in to pitch darkness, “Turn that thing off, you know I hate it.”

“Lights.” The security officer barked out. The room lit up brightly, she winced to the contrast.

“As long as you love me, I think I can survive.” Savage answered from behind his holoimager, some time ago.

The hand moved away, showing Susan’s face once more, the image freezing for several seconds before the viewscreen blanked out, going into a loop of the same footage.

The security officer moved around a table, towards an odd shadow that was cast against the bulkhead from the sleeping area. She entered the area, her expression dropping, from concern to dread, “Oh no.”

“As long as you love me, I think I can survive.” Savage said from a viewscreen in the other room.

Savage, the Savage of the here and now, dangled from a twisted bedsheet, hooked around an EPS relay that he’d uncovered for the purpose. He lacked color, his neck bent at an impossible angle, his uniform pressed perfectly. On the floor, just under his feet a PADD sat activated, inviting the reader to inspect it.

The security officer touched not a thing, but her combadge in response to the sight, “Security to Medical.”