Sector Wide Subspace Broadcast.

<Message intercepted by DS13 Communications array>
logo_by_insaneguykrann-dalpi6c.pngTo: The Aldeberan Sector
From: Captain Aubern Black

Subj: The time has finally come darlings!!

<Transcript of Audio File Received With Message>

"Helloooo, Loyal customers and soon to be loyal customers alike.

Those of you who know my I'm sure are aware of my brief absence but I ASSURE you that my Hiatus is finally at an end, AND with a fantastic announcement."

< "Night Fever" An earth classical from "Bee Gee's" begins playing>

"This has been a long time coming, but it's finally time, for the reveal of the newest, the greatest, THE MOST FABULOUS of my establishments.
The brand spanking new traveling nightclub, bar and botanic garden.

There's something for everyone, Drinks, Dancing, Gambling! beam on up tonight for your next WILD night!

Or maybe you're the quiet type? do you like plants, maybe just enjoy sitting in the fresh air that only greenery can provide? Come spend some time in our secluded, secretive botanical holodeck!

Why wait for your next day off so that YOU can go out when a great night out can come to you! Because you deserve it, and the best part!? you never have to leave, thanks to our authentic rooms, designed after a wide array of cultures, we even special rooms for mixed couples, Romulan, Human, Betazoid, Even Breen? you'll ALWAYS feel right at home.

I can't wait to see you all, darlings, I'll be waiting!"

<Stop list and Schedule>