Security Incident Report: Stardate 98942.9

Filed By:
LT Zital, Serris

LOCATION Embassy Function Hall A, Deep Space 13, Aldebaran Sector

SUBJECT Possible Leak of Confidential Information


  • CMDR Tyrstoc
  • CMDR Katriel
  • CMDR Evette LaSalle
  • LT Aev
  • LT Serris Zital

NARRATIVE During memorial proceedings on Stardate 98942, I approached CMDR Tyrstoc and LT Aev, who were speaking in isolation on the far side of the venue by the fireplace. CMDR Tyrstoc was discussing recent war operations in the Citali system with LT Aev and seemed quite impassioned about it “all being a lie” and that “Aev’s people,” presumably referring to our allies in the Republic, “having the right to know what their officers were involved in.” I removed myself from the situation due to personal discomfort and immediately consulted CMDR Katriel and CMDR Evette LaSalle on how to proceed.

While I have no way to verify whether CMDR Tyrstoc is perpetuating an unfounded conspiracy theory or a genuine moral quandary born of personal disapproval, in my opinion, the fact that those after action reports have elevated security clearance bears the possibility of confidential information being shared off the record, which ultimately necessitated this report. Security sensor logs should independently verify the exchange upon review.

OOC Per Commander LaSalle’s recommendation, Serris opted to write in about what he overheard.