Security report concerning the events of 8/19/2420 01:17 hrs - 01:37 hrs

Stardate 97632.9
Level 3 - Restricted

LOCATION: DS13’s bar.

MISSION: Perform counterintelligence action to prevent the spread of Romulan Republic classified data.

OUTCOME:While I was able to stop the current exchange of information between the Romulan Aev and the unknown species Serris. ​
LT. Aev
LT. Serris
LT. Valore
CMD. Hannah O’Dara

NARRATIVE: ​NARRATIVE: I had overheard a conversation between CMD O’Dara and L.T. Valore in where the L.T. was concerned that Aev was giving classified information to a possible Dominion spy. The CMD and LT. were attempting to devise a way to interrupt this flow of information when I approached and offered to resolve the issue, and to protect the Republic.

The fist tactic I tried to use to disrupt the transfer of information between Aev and Serris was to remove Aev from the location, I was attempting to identify his specified field of work so I could present him with a convincing reason he needed to perform a task on my ship, removing him from the location. When I realized that this was not going to work I altered my tactics, instead trapping the LT. into a legal action for his immediate removal until a thorough investigation could be completed.

At this time an argument erupted between the two LT.’s and myself where they attempted to dissuade my attempts to prevent the spread of state secrets. It is also at this time where LT. Valore entering the conversation, I am unsure as to her motives, she was the one that stated she suspected Aev was disseminating classified information. Shortly after CMD O’Dara also attempted to prevent me from fulfilling my duties and prevent the spread of classified information to a possible Dominion spy.

After the situation continued to degrade O’Dara used a Jem’Hadar to threaten me into leaving the area, I was unable to counter physically and decided that retreat was the best option. I also had become confused by the attempts of the CMD and LT. Valore to stop me, they were the ones who authorized my actions, I suggest that along with the investigation that should be filed against Aev and Serris, that a similar one be filed against CMD. O’Dara and LT. Valore.

After the involvement of the Jem’hadar I returned to my ship and proceeded to compile a backup of the data in case I were to be compromised. My CO, CMD Sibet wishes to formally protest the actions of both Starfleet and the Dominion in this matter, the spreading of Republic state secrets is an internal matter and my actions should not have been tampered with. There is no telling the damage LT. Aev could cause it if he continues to leak information out to others.

RECOMMENDATION:​RECOMMENDATION: I recommend that a formal investigation be filed against all officers present at the scene, they may continue to release classified information to non-authorized personnel, and may even attempt to prevent further actions directed to stop their treason.
This is the first time I have done something like this, let me know what Y'all think.
---- // SYSTEM NOTICE // ----

This report classification category has been downgraded from

LEVEL 3: Restricted


LEVEL 2: Confidential


WCDR Miral

Stardate 96632.1
LT S. Valore
Level 2 - Confidential

NARRATIVE: This report has been issued to contradict errors of fact in the original report. There was no Dominion spy. There was no mention of a Dominion spy. There was no mention of the Dominion. How or why the Subcommander assumed the Dominion was somehow involved remains a question to this officer, and the answer is likely to be highly illogical.

​Lieutenants Aev and Zital had moved off to their own private conversation, and this officer mentioned a concern regarding previous mannerisms. Lieutenant Aev had long joked about acquiring contacts and defectors in his duties as an intelligence officer, and Lieutenant Zital spent a considerable amount of the public conversation showing strong interest in the other lieutenant.

After a lengthy amount of time, a Subcommander Max approached this officer, having overheard the conversation. He indicated a wish to participate with the named interlocutors and after a brief conversation, he moved to join the two. Following seemingly irrelevant questions, the named Lieutenants refused to converse with him. It was at this point that the Subcommander clearly became agitated and ordered the arrest of Lieutenant Aev. Upon hearing this, I, several other officers, and a Jem'Hadar moved to de-escalate the situation.

Following a successful de-escalation, that was the conclusion of the eccentric situation.

RECOMMENDATION: This officer recommends a full diagnostic of the Subcommander 'Max'. Whatever the Tal'Shiar put into him, it has clearly created a lack of reliability. Furthermore, this officer wishes to express her apology in being unable to predict the direction the conversation would find itself moving towards. The situation escalated following a significant break in the logical expectations of social norms and logical heuristics, and this officer apologies for being unable to plot the divergent paths.