September 17th | Mixed Signals

The 38th Fleet conducts a war game exercise near the Betreka Nebula while a small contingent of officers infiltrates the House Arterius staging area aboard a Romulan stealth shuttle.

Shift Time: Beta Shift (-1, 3:00 PM EST)

Audience: Previous attendees of the Cardassian arc events, Aries Squadron captains and officers, diplomats.

RESERVED - 10 out of 12 slots available.

RP Format: GM

Setting: Shuttle Interior & U.S.S. Dragon Bridge

Starting Point: Bridge of the U.S.S. Dragon

OOCThis event is the sixth episode of the fleet-wide arc for Argo between official expansions. Cardassian Union characters, Admirals, Captains, and the Deep Space 13 Diplomatic Corps. are heavily encouraged to participate.