Sienae ch'Havran t'Illiahlae

Sienae ch'Havran t'Illiahlae
"...I always was curious, how much of the truth in stories about Klingon ferosity and skill. Mind if I'll check it out?..."


RANK: Centurion
POST: Executive officer aboard R.R.W. Caelis.

SPECIES: Romulan
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 169 cm
WEIGHT: 73 kg
EYE COLOR: Pale grey

Date of birth: 50556.1 ((23, July, 2373))
POB: R.I.S. Nesaar

Tanra i-Rateg t'Illiahlae (Maternal), Deceased ((66101.3)).
Vasar ch'Havran tr'Illiahlae (Paternal), Deceased ((66101.3)).
Mrian i-Rateg t'Illiahlae (Cousin), C.O. R.R.W. Caelis.
Niarm i-Rateg t'Illiahlae (Cousin), Trian Planetary Governor, Rator Sector block

23, July, 2373 – Sienae ch'Havran t'Illiahlae is born to Tanra i-Rateg t'Illiahlae and Vasar ch'Havran tr'Illiahlae aboard R.I.S. Nesaar.
6, August, 2373 – R.I.S. Nesaar’s Riov, Tanra t'Illiahlae, re-locates her trading operation away from the borders of civilized space, due to increasing hostilities in region. Contact with R.I.S. Nesaar becomes less frequent.
2376 – Sienae t'Illiahlae undergoes education aboard R.I.S. Nesaar – in addition to basic education, she learns basics of astronavigation, maintenance of ship’s systems, interstellar commerce and tactical procedures.
2387 – Hobus Incident. R.I.S. Nesaar escapes unaffected, trading between remote Romulan colonies. In aftermath of the Homeworld’s destruction, all contact with members of Illiahlae House is lost.
2389 – R.I.S. Nesaar is ambushed by a raiding Klingon Bird-of-Prey in a Neutral Space. A firefight breaks out after C.O. Tanra t'Illiahlae refuses to hand over her cargo. C.O. Tanra t'Illiahlae, Chief Tactical Officer Vasar tr'Illiahlae and some other members of the crew are killed in combat. Reorganizing, remaining crew of the R.I.S. Nesaar repels the raiding party. Sienae t'Illiahlae is injured in close combat, while leading one of the boarding parties to Klingon’s vessel.
2394 – Sienae t'Illiahlae is promoted to Chief Tactical Officer of R.I.S. Nesaar.
2398 – Despite certain opposition, Sienae t'Illiahlae convinces captain of the R.I.S. Nesaar to refit two cargo bays into shuttle bays. R.I.S. Nesaar is equipped with two Kestrel-class Runabouts.
2401 – R.I.S. Nesaar commences joint mining operation with a group of Ferengi entrepreneurs.
2403 – Two crew members of the R.I.S. Nesaar are detained aboard I.R.W. Vahk, after Imperial Custom revokes their mining license. A few days later, I.R.W. Vahk is disabled during a daring attack commenced by an unidentified number of shuttlecrafts. C.O. of Vahk reports, that criminals used well-timed precise attacks, while masking their signatures, thus making identification of the attackers impossible. Both prisoners escape during this attack.
2407 – R.I.S. Nesaar is badly damaged during a clash with Nausicaan Pirates. Attacking pirates are repelled only after risking counter-boarding operation. Chief Tactical Officer leads the main party that sabotages pirate’s vessel warp core, dealing with leader of the band in hand-to-hand combat.
3, January, 2409 – R.I.S. Nesaar is seized by Romulan Star Empire. During this legal operation, a few members of the crew resist and are killed in accidental firefights. Both Runabouts based on ship escape with part of the crew. There are no further records about fate of members of the crew, which were captured by Star Empire.
14, May, 2409 – Sienae t'Illiahlae joins crew of the R.R.W. Daalan on position of the tactical officer.
2410 – Sienae ch'Havran t'Illiahlae officially joins military academy on New Romulus, sent to undergo officer’s courses from R.R.W. Daalan. During her first week in the Academy, Sienae’s connection to another living member of the House Illiahlae is discovered.
2414 – Centurion Sienae t'Illiahlae graduates from the Academy. Week before, she publishes short article about “choking warfare” – a work describing use of packs of warbirds to attack enemy communications and trading routes, seizing cargo and disrupting supply lines. The work branded as “devious, risky and dishonorable” by many C.O.’s of the Romulan Republic, Federation and Klingon Empire.
2415 – Centurion Sienae t'Illiahlae is assigned as X.O. aboard R.R.W. Caelis.

• Reckless and rash to the point of placing herself in danger. Usually is overly-focused on achieving her goal, thus potentially capable of causing collateral damage.