Softly Softly Catchee Rommie

(Veneela Sovum appears courtesy of @Veneela)

2300 hours

Eric and Bana walked out to the beach.

“We’ve had a message from the boss. We need to make Loxton sweat until he gives up what he knows. We’re going to have to grab his beach buddy tonight.” Eric said.

“She’s currently finishing up some movie with her crew up the beach there so she should be heading back this way, Loxton’s hut has a path to it, so we get in the trees, then when she comes by, we grab her, okay?”

Bana nodded, rubbing his hands. “Got it!”

“Don’t screw this up like the last time, okay?”

“How was I to know that Tellarite had teeth?!” Bana exclaimed as they headed for the trees.

They were well hidden amongst the foliage now, squatted down. Eric had a clear line of sight down the beaten path. He watched as Veneela made her way alone down the path.

“So, how we going to do this without weapons?” Bana whispered. Eric sighed, rubbing his head with the binoculars in his hand.

“We overpower her! Ssh! She’s coming!”

“But…uh…Romulans are…”

“Quiet!” Eric hissed as Veneela got within range, she stopped. Her hearing had detected something. Eric didn’t hesitate and rushed out, surprising Veneela as he made to grab her. Bana lumbered behind, taken off guard by Eric’s surprise approach, he brandished a hefty stick and swung it at Veneela’s head, she ducked and he whacked Eric clean in the mouth.

“Ow! Not ME you fool! Her!” Eric shouted, restraining Veneela’s arms as she yelled but was cut off abruptly by Bana’s second blow to her mouth, blood spattered across the path and Veneela’s strength and anger kicked in. She broke free, landing a blow to Eric and swung round, ready to take them both on.

“There’s two of us! Don’t be stupid!” Eric growled.

“Stupid is assaulting a Starfleet officer!” Veneela said as she parried a blow from Bana. Eric produced a hypo and quickly depressed it against Veneela’s neck.

“Fvadt…” she managed before dropping unconscious, landing face first in the dirt.

“Don’t catch her while she falls, Bana!” Eric said incredulously as he went to pick her up. “Come on, we need to get her back to our place before anyone comes looking!”

Bana looked around as they rushed off through the trees with the unconscious Veneela over Eric’s shoulder.

After getting to their hideout hut unnoticed, they restrained Veneela to a chair.

“Now what?” Bana asked.

“We wait for Loxton to come find her, of course.” Eric grinned. “He won’t want to let anything bad happen to his little girlfriend and he won’t wait around for Risian security to get off their backsides and actually investigate.”

“Uh, it won’t just be him or Risian security. It’ll be her ship too! They’ll scan the planet for her life-signs!” Bana said helpfully.

Eric sighed. “We’ll be long gone by the time they find her, but we’re just leaving Loxton the calling card. The next move is up to him. He either plays ball or things get worse.”

Eric left a chip in Veneela’s lap and stood up.

“Okay. Job is done. Let’s get gone before they close the system down.”

With that, Eric and Bana left the hut as Veneela stirred from the sedative.