Species: Lorea

Name: Lorea
Home solar system: Seeii, located in the Alini sector.
Planets: 24
Sun: Class O Supergiant
Homeworld: Saaeiio, 13th planet
Homeworld planet classification: O
Estimated Population: 4.6 Billion
Discovered: 2407
First Contact: 2407
Political Status: Petitioned to join the federation

The Lorea are an amphibious and mainly carrion eating species. Because of this their lungs can process air as well as water, actually working more efficiently with the water. Because of the otherwise high risk for disease from eating decaying food the Lorea have an extremely evolved immune system, using microscopic symbiotic worms to neutralize almost any disease or foreign chemicals. Their lungs can process oxygen out of otherwise toxic atmospheres because of their evolution as well.
The Lorea skin is incredibly resistant to any form of corrosion and other chemical damage, the same holds true for their digestive tract. Their digestive system is very effective at extracting energy from the food they eat, to the point that no bacteria can survive in their waste unless they are capable of photosynthesis. After a Lorea eats his/her food it will be processed in a first stage using more symbiotic worms. The worms are digested as they are forced further down the digestive tract.
Lorea can hear very well underwater, with their hearing reaching both ultra and infrasound. Their hearing is however diminished to about human levels when above water. They can see well in the dark, having large eyes capable of weak luminescence to be able to see in near total darkness while also having slitted pupils that can close enough to allow them to see in the extremely bright daylight of Saaeiio. The eyes are protected by a thin, transparent, membrane which is as resistant to chemicals as their skin.
The Lorea sense of smell is quite refined, likely used earlier in their evolution to locate food.

Homeworld enviroment:
Atmosphere composition: 53% Argon, 18% oxygen, 12% water, 10% Carbon Dioxide 3% Sulfur, 3% Methane, 1% Other elements
Surface gravity: 0.96G
Average temperature: 16°C

The Lorea homeworld is 96% covered in water, with a few barren islands breaching the surface in bands along collision points of continental plates. The interior of the planet is highly active, causing regular earthquakes and volcanic eruptions along the ocean floor. One of the more extreme environmental patterns on Saaeiio is the firestorms, caused by high production of flammable gases in the oceans. This is leaves land uninhabitable to most species.

Lorea society/history:
Early Lorea were nomadic, moving in small groups in search of the large whale like creatures that was their main food source. These whale creatures are one of the few that can go onto the islands and will do so only once in their life, to lay their eggs and then they die as they cannot get back into the water. The early Lorea of course got their food by eating the corpses of these creatures, often from the inside, using their massive bodies as protection against the intermittent firestorms. This is why they have such a high resistance to chemicals and disease.
As the Lorea's technology developed they eventually settled down in larger and larger settlements. They invented the gear before the wheel and the steam engine before fire, using geothermal energy to power said steam engines. Today they likely posses the most advanced mechanical technology in the galaxy, having created nanomolecular clockwork which can be used in mechanical computers that rival those of the federation.

The Loreas immunity to disease and their general lifestyle made sure that they never bothered much with any form of hygiene. With the social norm being to try and smell as strongly as possible, prompting them to wear clothes for the sole reason to do their needs into them and ensure a strong odor. This was likely once a trait that warded off predators but has remained into modern Lorea society. Of course this causes some issues with inter species relations. There are not many taboos in Lorea society in general and transparent or extremely tight clothes are not uncommon for either gender.

The Lorea still use currency with the universal one across the planet is the Sovreign. At the top of society is the council of five, 5 elected representatives of the people, backed by a parliament of 525 people all of whom are also elected.

Lorea technology is almost entirely mechanical and often steam or spring powered. Of course high energy systems such as forcefield emitters and engines use other energy but is generally generated next to the device that requires it while using a mechanical control circuit. The Lorea warp core is not based on a matter-antimatter reactor and instead accelerates a magnetic fluid suspended in a magnetic field to relativistic velocities in order to store vast amounts of power. The warp drive of their ships can then tap this power by altering the magnetic fields inside the core and thus extracts energy from the spinning fluid. While this system requires recharge relatively often compared to a standard warp core, it can be done at almost any star or planet with a strong enough magnetic field. The screens and other panels in use by the Lorea are mechanical and often monochrome, using a layer of bioluminecent bacteria as a background and a matrix of microscopic flipping plates to either allow the light through or to block it. There are more advanced versions that allow full color pictures but those are generally used where its most beneficial, such as the viewscreen of a ship rather than as general consoles.

Lorea buildings are generally floating several meters up from the ocean floor due to the high amount of earthquakes. Some extend well above the water and have pumps pulling the seawater up to the top floors. This protects the building during a firestorm as the water has a cooling effect which is enough to allow it to be habitable even during severe storms.

First Contact:
The first contact was made by Captain John Robinson of the U.S.S. Ulysses on stardate 84435. The Lorea ship Saasoo had been partially disabled by a borg sphere and had sent out a distress call. Once the borg threat had been averted by Captain Robinson first contact was made successfully aboard the Ulysses. After the event the captain made a note that the Lorea were the most disgusting species he had ever seen and hoped that he would not have to meet them again. Of course the Lorea wanted to meet and know more about the federation as they share many of the underlying values, eventually leading to them petition for joining the federation. There has since been a few Lorea through starfleet academy with varying results, often unwilling to change much in order to be less offensive to other species noses.