Species: Species 2646

Species 2646



A Species 2646 Officer

The origin and history of Species 2646 is largely unknown at this point. This is complicated further by the fact that all encounters with Species 2646 have been with temporally displaced individuals and starships. It is unknown whether they are victims of a temporal incident, or if the species actively utilizes time travel.

Species 2646 was first encountered by the USS Pegasus on Stardate 95273.4. Vessels from the species appear to have launched an attack on the Siral colony before being driven off by an unknown starship. The Species 2646 vessels returned to the system shortly after the USS Pegasus arrived, but took no hostile action and departed shortly afterwards.

On Stardate 95555.9, a 2646 fleet ambushed the USS Langley, USS Pegasus, and RRW D'Ishae. The battle resulted in the loss of the USS Langley, as well as the destruction of several Species 2646 vessels.

Scans taken by the crew of the USS Pegasus and Cmdr. Akaela have found that the species is carbon based, but possesses an unstable molecular structure.

Direct observations by Starfleet and Republic personnel report that the species is capable of a form of camouflage or phase shifting, although it is unknown whether this is biological or technological.

Nothing is known about the culture or customs of Species 2646.

Non-Species 2646 individuals have been observed serving aboard 2646 vessels. It is unknown whether these races are servitors or partners as part of a larger organization.

Preliminary reports by the USS Pegasus indicate that Species 2646 possesses some form of stealth or cloaking technology.

Subsequent engagements and intelligence indicate that Species 2646 possesses a level of technology equivalent to or exceeding Starfleet in some areas, especially those related to cloaking and stealth technology.

Individuals of the species are also able to enter a phase shifted or partially noncorporeal form. In this state, they have been observed to pass partially through solid objects and render themselves mostly invisible. This also affords them a measure of protection from directed energy weapons. In an encounter with Cmdr. Akaela, one Species 2646 individual was able to absorb multiple phaser strikes with no apparent ill effects.

It is unknown whether this aspect of Species 2646 is a function of their biology or technology. Given that their ships display similar capabilities, technology seems the more likely of the two.

Species 2646 vessels have been encountered in the Tekros Expanse. It is unknown whether they claim this area of space. No structures, stations, or colonies belonging to Species 2646 have been sighted here or elsewhere in the known galaxy.

Species 2646 has not engaged in formal diplomatic relations with the United Federation of Planets. The species has been involved in an attack on a Federation Protectorate, but it is unknown whether this was a defensive action resulting from an accidental territorial violation. So far, the species has not engaged in intentionally hostile behavior with a Starfleet vessel. Starfleet personnel are to observe standard diplomatic protocol.

Species 2646 has displayed actively hostile behavior towards Starfleet and Republic vessels without provocation. All Federation ships are to exercise extreme caution if a 2646 vessel is sighted. They are to be assumed hostile unless otherwise proven.