On the edge of Bajor's sprawling capitol city, Ashalla, Tarhim Spire matches the height of most other buildings on the skyline, a drab brown skyscraper with few features. Near the top, a lone landing pad sticks out from the building. It's only big enough to support standard planetary shuttles.

The Bajoran sun is just starting to touch the mountains to the west, the ambient sky changing from its daytime blue ad starting to pick up the yellow, orange and red tints of dusk. Just outside the arching door stands Lord Tarhim, a slight smirk on his face as he runs a hand through his neatly trimmed and styled facial hair.

He watches patiently as the small Starfleet shuttle descends through a wisp of clouds above the city. As it approaches the landing pad, the slight hum of its engines became audible. Lord Tarhim holds his position as the shuttle touches down.

The shuttle's side hatch opens and out steps, Commander Dae, clad in the modified armor suit that Lord Tarhim had his engineers build for him. He walks towards Lord Tarhim in deliberate, but not rushed, strides.
Dae stops a few meters shy of the other man and they both exchange nods.

Lord Tarhim's smile seams to creep up slightly, a sliver of his white teeth showing. "Where they there?"
Dae nodded. "Of course. Just as you said they would be."

Lord Tarhim nods as he turns to walk back into the building. Commander Dae follows, closing the distance and stepping up on the left side of Lord Tarhim as they walk. Dae consciously walks slower, with shorter strides, so as to stay in pace with the other man.

"And the results?" Lord Tarhim asks as they walked.

"We were able to destroy three of their ships, and all of the satellites." Dae pauses, but there is not change in his tone. "Two ships were able to go to warp before we could catch them."

Lord Tarhim's face contorts into a grimace for a moment, his response is fast, sharp and laced with anger. "When I tell you to destroy ALL of their ships, that is what I expect. Did you not understand that?"

They continued walking in silence, finally entering the building. The turn and start down a long hallway. Two of Lord Tarhim's men, dressed in slightly modified Bajoran uniforms, who had been waiting just inside the door picked up a stride, quietly keeping their distance a few meters behind the other two men.

The grimace eventually gives way to an accepting frown. "It's of little matter, I suppose. I have forces in place to remove such... mistakes. Next time, however, I expect better results."

Dae nods, looking down at the obviously physically weaker being. His response is delayed, but not disrespectful. "Of course."

The two men continue on a few more meters and then stopped in front of a large unmarked door. Lord Tarhim turned to face Dae. The smaller man smiled up at Dae, whose face remained perpetually invisible behind the modified evo-suits mask. "Little ships are of no matter to you now. Your next target will prove to be... quite a bit more exciting. Come look at this!"

Lord Tarhim nodded into the dark room as its heavy doors slid open. The details of the room were that of a mechanical laboratory. The only light source was a pulsing green glow coming from its center. The two men stepped inside as Lord Tarhim's men took their normal positions just outside the closing door.