SR - R.R.W. Aensai Security Reports

Stardate: 93291Aensai Routine Security ReportSearch Duration: 1 hour, 46 minutesReport Submitted: Chief of Security LT Vekkei, JClassification Level 2

This is the recording of what was found during the every two week mandatory security search I will be implementing from this period forward. My search is meant to find contraband which includes illegal substances, illegal weapons, illegal anything as well as a opportunity for me to search for both hidden explosives and ideal places to hide explosives. My search did not find either contraband or explosives though it did come across from powerful drugs within hypos, all the officers that had those had a clearance note from the doctor on board the Aensai clearing those officers for the drugs. Overall the majority of the Aensai's officers were in compliance with the search and those that were unaware of who I was yet on the vessel have learned that I am their chief of security and now have clearance to perform these searches. ((SR= Ship Report.))

Officers Involved:
Chief of Security Lieutenant Jekal Vekkei
Security Officer: S'Ela
Security Officer: Ean'T

Lieutenant Jekal Vekkei
Chief of Security, R.R.W. Aensai