SS Quazna Security Report

TO: CMDR Kozath, CAPT Perim
FROM: LCDR Ferguson
SUBJ: Security Report

While on duty, conversing with people and keeping an eye on the bar area, I was approached by CAPT Perim, who asked me to take care of a situation at docking port 7. A freighter, unloading some cargo, carelessly spilled some of said cargo, revealing to dock workers a nest of small animals, which were deemed illegal contraband.

I asked for assistance from, and was joined by Lieutenant Jekal to check out the cargo of the freighter. Upon scans, we found that, indeed, the freighter not only carried illegal animals, but also an entire crate of Biomimetic Gel. An immediate comm was made to Centurion Jochon, a physician on duty, to come to the docking port to confirm the contents of the crate and advise the best way to transport it. Jochon did indeed confirm the presence of the gel and in his words, "I didn't know there was this much gel in the sector."

LT Jekal placed the freighter Captain under arrest and confined his crew to quarantined quarters. The Captain is now in lockup pending an interrogation and investigation into his role in the transport of the gel.

End of report.
TO CMDR Kozath; LCDR Ferguson
CC CMDR Aloran
RE Security Report


Proceed with your investigation, to include questioning of the freighter captain and his crew. When you've finished gathering evidence, please consult with the JAG office to determine the next course of action.

Good work.

Fleet Captain Neema Perim
Commanding, Deep Space 13
To: CMDR Kozath, FCAPT Perim, CMDR Aloran
From: LCMDR Ferguson
Re: Interrogation of Freighter Captain carrying illegal cargo

Upon getting the green light from FCAPT Perim, I personally interrogated the Captain of the freighter Quazna. This interrogation happens due to, after a routine inspection by dock workers, numerous containers of Illegal animals broke open due to negligence by the freighter Captain. Upon further inspection by myself, LT Jekal and Dr. on duty at the time Jochon, we found the biomimetic gel. On advice from Dr. Jochon we transferred the gel to a proper holding container. After taking a little over two hours to wear the freighter Captain down, I finally got him to admit to knowing about the illegal cargo on his ship, which included a variety of small animals from various planets, and also a full crate of biomimetic gel.

The Captain has been recorded admitting to taking on both sets of contraband, having picked up the animals from various planets on his regular route stretching from Drozana Station in the Beta Quadrant to DS9 in the Alpha Quadrant and the gel from Minos Korva to be delivered to a contact at DS9. Contact information, unknown at this time. According to the Quazna's Captain, the animals were to be delivered to a separate contact at DS9. Contact name for the animal dropoff is Valik Meznar. Suggest contacting DS9 to continue this investigation.

The Captain remains in DS-13's brig and his crew is still quarantined to guest quarters under guard at this time, and his ship is being held at Docking Port 7.

All evidence is being contained in security lockup, accessible if/when necessary.

If DS-13 security services are needed further in this matter, please let CMDR Kozath or myself know.

End of log.