Star Trek: Argo Theme Contest

The Find-A-Theme-For-Task-Force-Argo Contest
Final results are in! Drumroll please...

First Place
"Beyond" by Jon Brooks, as submitted by Maeshka

Second Place
"For the Win" by Two Steps from Hell as submitted by Xygor'khan

Third Place
Three-way tie!
"Crucible" by Miracle of Sound as submitted by Robert
"Starfleet" by Two Steps from Hell as submitted by Reva
"Birth of a Hero Nero" by Two Steps from Hell as submitted by Dewey

Honourable Mention: Traise - "Love and Loss" and "Starfall" by Two Steps from Hell, A'Printa - "Hero's Theme" by Adam Saunders & Mark Cousins and "Sword Art Online" by Yuki Kajiura, Gideon - "Tempest" by Audiomachine, Echo - "Rise" by Break of Reality, Areyis - "Desert Symphony" by Shaye Scott, Chassy - "We Are the Champions" by Queen, and Falcon - "Scape Bold" by Jagex

Congratulations to our winners, and a big thank you to everyone who participated!
Going with my first impulses and throwing these out there. First impulses are the truest of heart!

Spoiler: Love & Loss - Two Steps from HellShow

(Ignore the part about being used in a Bad Movie's Trailer)

The First is the Strongest, it begins slow and ramps up to the point where it feels like an opening. It get's it'd job done quick and has both orchestral and synthesized music to fit the feel of Trek. You can picture flash montages and ship flybys to your hearts content.

Spoiler: Surf - Yoko KannoShow

(Yeah, it was used in Ghost in the Shell S.A.C. but it was good... even if it feels a little news soundtracky.)

A bit more of a somber choice, this is more in line of the relaxed feel then of the super space wars of Star Trek Online. It has good drive, can still be queued well visually, and has places of drive and change for different shots of ships and flybys of action. Definitely a more relaxed option. Middle Eastern sound because for some reason space needs more of that.

Spoiler: Starfall - Two Steps From HellShow

(Just jump ahead 20 seconds if you really want it to be under 3 Minutes, I know I do.)

Another option from the gods of trailer music, 20 seconds long but it is too worth it and if you like, shave the top seconds off. It combines the middle eastern feel, (if you like that), with more of an action drive. Song title also doesn't hurt, even if it is just superlative.
I figured that Argo AND Kargas should both get theme songs! Here are my picks for both. Explanations aren't needed. If the songs move you and you can envision Star Trekie stuff with the music, then it's all good.

Spoiler: Hero's ThemeShow
Spoiler: Rule The BattlefieldShow
Spoiler: Sword Art OnlineShow

Spoiler: ArchangelShow
Spoiler: GloryShow
Spoiler: Heart of CourageShow

Just Because It's Cool...

35 minute Megamix
Spoiler: MegamixShow
First, a little peppy.. mabye a little too much so but the feeling of Tech and Violin serenity with some energy kind of fits this ragtag bunch.
Lindsey Sterling

This is a powerful piece I found. Big grand theme... hopeful but with undertones of danger, a hopeful Federation at war.

Epic Space Adventure

This one I can imagine as moving around the station from the outside... ships moving around it in space.. ds9-esque intro in a way.


And I know it's one too many... But my Kargas throw-in... I can see KDF officers flying into battle with this blasting, ready for the next life... It is a good day to die!

Lost Raiders

And sorry for the rough links... I'm forum derp and do not know how to put the spoiler window links like yall.
^ Nice pick with the Lindsey Sterling!

Rise, by Break of Reality. Who loves Cellos? I love cellos! You love cellos! We all love the Cello! :d

Palladio, by eScala. You have probably heard this one in trailers. It's great.

And Pompeii by E.S. Posthumus. Mixing old and new sounds, it works well for spacey stuff.
So I youtube'd battle music for a giggle and got this then I pictured The Toronto or the October flying past, then the camera pans up and we see Argo and Kargas in combat. Maybe not an opening, but it's what I saw :p
Then I played this, and I thought that this sounded epic for an opening.

But then again, I listen to Johnny Cash and Elvis.

I have no taste in music.


Mine are all by a composer I ran across on Youtube a while ago by the name of Jon Brooks. I listen to his stuff a lot while I write to get me in the proper mood. Most of his stuff is short-ish, making it good themesong material.

Spoiler: Jon Brooks - BeyondShow

I like this one a great deal because it has an epic quality, but a subdued one. There's a sadness to it. A sense of loss. But there's also a hope in the rise. It makes a great deal of sense to me that a Federation, mired in war and conflict, craving that time when they could simply be explorers, would feel the passion of this song.

Spoiler: Jon Brooks - Believe in MeShow

This one is a more classic Trek theme. Soft music, hopeful, with a gentle, dramatic rise. It fits the hopes of the Federation; that the war will end, that there can be a peace. It's a song of optimism, faith, and belief that things can become better. That we can made it better.

Spoiler: Jon Brooks - National FutureShow

I almost feel like this has the most Trek quality of all three. It's heroic, hopeful, and patriotic. You can almost see the montage of ships soaring around the station, sailing through the galaxy.
Only epic befits a warrior, and this song is epic.

This deserved a post all of its own.

This is good as an opening
Hey, I was listening to TSFH earlier today, and happened upon this song. It's even in the name!
Spoiler: Starfleet - Two Steps from HellShow
More emotional and stuff.

More action coolness.

and....this is my main submission.
I don't care if it breaks all of the submission rules. >_<
There are some awesome entries in this. And damn you, A'Printa. 2 of the songs I would have picked you already threw on here (excellent choices I think) so I had to find new ones. Because my internet isn't the best right now it is absolutely possible I may have submitted songs others have just with different titles since things load/load way to slow for me to hear all of the submission.

Strike Force: Kargas

Another for SF:K

REASON: Both are fairly fast passed and deep in their sound. Both sound like warlike/action type music to me.

Task Force: Argo

REASON: It has that heroic vibe and it STRONGLY reminds me of TNG for some reason. Sounds heroic-trekkie movie to me.
Honestly there are some pretty incredible suggestions made already, and they've more or less picked over every good piece that 'Two Steps from Hell' made, so I can't imagine I can top it... But for the sake of submitting something... So I can get that Purple ribbon of participation! :d

Two steps from Hell - for the WinI like the pacing, plus the tone is suitably upbeat and aspiring that it can easily be crafted into a suitable trailer theme.

And if nothing else... When I think Task Force Argo... What else can I think but... 80's Prime Time!!!
Plus theres no way I can possibly not support S'Hauen 'Anvil of Crom' suggestion for SFK's theme.... I will support that until my dieing breath.

My cheesy vote:

Or any version someone can find where it doesn't cut off stupidly.

I don't think there would be any copyright problems, would there?

And notice how amazingly Bold it is...

Voting is go! ...Get on it!
For your convenience. You maaaay want to check an entry if it's yours... I looked through them, but as I did a lot of copy/pasting, it wouldn't shock me if there was a mistake here or there. Please let me know if there's something I need to correct.

Spoiler: Traise - Love and LossShow

Spoiler: Traise - SurfShow

Spoiler: Traise - StarfallShow

Spoiler: APrinta - Heros ThemeShow

Spoiler: A'Printa - Rule the BattlefieldShow

Spoiler: A'Printa - Sword Art OnlineShow

Spoiler: Gideon - CrystallizeShow

Spoiler: Gideon - TempestShow

Spoiler: Gideon - Hope and GloryShow

Spoiler: Echo - RiseShow

Spoiler: Echo - Palladio, AllegrettoShow

Spoiler: Echo - PompeiiShow

Spoiler: Marcus - Lux AeternaShow

Spoiler: Marcus - Butterflies & Battle ScarsShow

Spoiler: Marcus - CrucibleShow

Spoiler: Maeshka - BeyondShow

Spoiler: Maeshka - Believe in MeShow

Spoiler: Maeshka - National FutureShow

Spoiler: Reva - StarfleetShow

Spoiler: Areyis - Desert SymphonyShow

Spoiler: Areyis - Sweet RevengeShow

Spoiler: Dewey - Birth of a Hero NeroShow

Spoiler: Xygor'Khan - For the WinShow

Spoiler: Xygor'Khan - T.J. Hooker ThemeShow

Spoiler: Skyler - We Are the ChampionsShow
(instrumental with actual ending. :p )

Spoiler: Falcon - Scape BoldShow
Results have been posted! Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to everyone who participated!