Star Trek: Prodigy (Spoiler thread)

It’s amusing that the cute, animated show is the adult show and this show, which kind of had some dark vibes, especially at the start, is the kids show.

The music sounds inspired by the JJ films, I liked it.

The ship looks so much like something right out of STO, I love it.
The Janeway hologram was a surprise in the sense that I thought they somehow established contact with Voyager but that’s not the case at all. The ship is surely from the future? I can’t wait to find out more.

I also want my own Murf!
We need to get into catboots with Cryptic and bring it into the game as a pet.

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To be fair, the show takes place five years after Voyager returned home from the Delta Quadrant, and it’s an NX testbed for new technologies. I don’t see why it must surely be from the future.

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I didn’t hate it, but it sure feels more like a Star Wars cartoon than Star Trek.

Y’know, if THAT’S the planet the Hirogen are from, it explains A LOT about the Hirogen, behaviourally.

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I thought I misheard when they said Hirogen.

So, just how fast can a ship with a proto-star for an engine can go?
Ludicrous speed, Faster than a Ferengi can quote the Rules of Acquisition speed or Turn into a space slug speed?

Hate to be that person, again, but probably about as fast as a singularity drive can take you, or in Fedbear terms, slower than a warp core. And apparently this one has two of them.

In fact (I’m not a scientist so I could be completely wrong here) but my understanding is that a protostar is basically just a giant fusion reactor. So… impulse in that case.

But hey, whatever, it doesn’t appear to be instantaneous, so that should be applauded as it doesn’t overly break narratives.

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Maybe it’s what got the ship into the delta quadrant in the first place?

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I take everything back, the Protostar is definitely from the future.

Also, I really liked the look of Chakotay’s uniform.

New episode is out?


:blue_heart: Murf.

The season finale was enjoyable. Like what Janeway alluded to, they’re not Starfleet but their heart is. It was good to see how the crew is finally coming together and becoming an actual crew. I did find Dal to be very unlikable at first but now he’s matured some, he’s alright to me now.

When The Diviner revealed his plans, I did get slight sense of a “Annorax” vibe from him and his motivations. I would have liked to have seen that explored further but it’s alright. I wonder if the next season they’ll go with a baddie of the week format or keep the current format.

The “baddie” of the series next time will be The Janeway :stuck_out_tongue:

Or at least, I’m assuming Gwyn will get enough of her memory back to want to avoid anything Starfleet, with Janeway/Dauntless relentlessly persuing.

Speaking of, the Dauntless! That version looked so cool even if we only saw it for a brief moment, and it was good to see the AGT uniforms (sort of) finally placed in a canon timeline location.

At this point, I think it’s time I just accept that every crew has its own uniform so that a third party observer watching multiple crews at once knows who they’re watching. Whoever that might be. Maybe Q. :smiley:

Not sure how I feel about bipedal Murf yet… also, it would be nice if we got the outfits that the Romulans used in the last episode.

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This weeks show felt like a “bottle show” to me even though it’s an animated show. :rofl:

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I loved getting all that backstory, honestly.

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