Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi (Spoiler Thread)

I really enjoyed the first couple of episodes.

The only real plot hole I noticed was Bail tracking down and calling in Obi-Wan, rather than going to a certain Fulcrum, for the mission.

Fulcrum was likely busy with other important things. Also she isn’t supposed to know that Anakin’s kids are alive/exist. I dont think she ever found out Padme was pregnant until much later.

Was the first episode the first time we saw live action clone troopers? Or were there some actual actors as clone troopers in the old movies?

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Like Temura Morrison? He played them all.

Oh I meant like, actual actors in suits as opposed to all CGI troopers.
Actually, never mind cause in the 2nd movie while on Camino, Obi-Wan walked past a cafeteria I think and there were troopers there with no helmets…then let me rephrase the question…human troopers next to human actors then? Eh…don’t mind me.

Both episodes were pretty cool.

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What the fuck was that Leia chase scene in the woods in the first episode? :joy: Aliens can’t climb over 2 inch tree limbs.

Otherwise it’s very good and I’m very hyped. Starting episode 2 literally now with buddies.

EDIT: Second episode done. First episode definitely takes the cake and delivered on hype, second one wasn’t bad but left us with a few questions.

Why do the inquisitors know that Darth Vader is Anakin Skywalker? That’s supposed to be the closest guarded secret in the Empire.

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If you remenber the opening scene of episode one, you can see one of the Younglings that resembles Third Sister, the theory is that she saw Anakin killing Jedi and heard him being referred to as Lord Vader during the purge.

So it may just be her that knows the secret. And doesn’t realize how dangerous it is to know that. I suspect we will see the consequences of that happen later.