STARDATE: 89537.7 - Fleet Morale Survey

Following a brief investigation into the current affairs of those who are stationed on - or around - the Argo outpost station, Captain Morton collected a brief study of data revolving around the feelings towards newer crew members joining the task force, more importantly - those coming from the Romulan Republic. Following the brief investigation, it was decided that a more thorough study, whilst remaining simplistic and informal, would benefit the improvement of the task forces morale.

Four separate surveys were carried out by Cadets: Ryettinita, L. and Charlinq' wuint, Q.


With much aid - and considerable thanks extends to them - from the Psychiatric department on the station, a much deeper and formal survey was carried out to gain a much more precise and detailed results chart {The above chart} depicting what unfortunately a few senior officers had noticed - and feared. After reviewing over the collected data, it is apparent that clearly there is a heavy displeasure in the morale between officers and crew among the fleet.

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