STARDATE: 90859.7 - Department Memorandum


Any scheduling issues surrounding the the addition of three Peregrine shuttle craft into the rotation of Alert Fighters are to be penned and submitted through Tactical Operations, then submitted through Main Command.

From stardate: 90870.9, all personnel requiring approval on shore-leave requests are to proceed through secondary administration channels pending forward until the integration of relief staff assigned for approaching holiday season. Standard requests for less-than 72 hours off station are to be continued through main normal conditions on the notice there may be delays on the approval notifications. Crew members with exhausted shore-leave privileges based upon the current cycle will be able to once again appeal, however it's to note those with a duty shift scheduled between stardate's: 90969.5 through 90986.2 will be given complementary 8-hour shift relief appropriate to the amount specified on any theoretical denied and/or unsuccessful appeals.

Those who're unlucky enough to not receive a hefty portion of time off will be listed, so those who will be getting a little more plentiful time off station will be returning with make-up hours for your sake. The Medical department would like to remind those remaining aboard that the stations annual running of the holiday 'wonderland' program will be receiving some technical maintenance before even being considered to be run for it's usual duration. There stands apologies in advance should the program be made unavailable throughout the upcoming season due to the repairs.

Those due to head on duty within the next 30 minutes are reminded to avoid deck 23's galley due to the ongoing refurbishment of the internal replicator malfunctions.

CAPT. Altais; Engineering; Maintenance Crews - The finalization of Task Force assets moving into Delta Quadrant Operations under Captain R'zo-vek are beginning to pass through, Alpha/Beta Quadrant standard system patrol patterns remain unchanged with the exception of minor operational asset alterations. However, transfers into the stations defense squadron have thinned without counting the rotation of Black Tigers. After speaking with Commander Wildman briefly, it was stated that K-7 is still continuing to gain heavy traffic through use of the transport hub present around Shermans Planet. There may be a moment upcoming where we receive an increase in mechanical requests from civilian and Federation vessels alike also, so remember to prioritize should traffic grow uncontrollable alongside the hourly freighter lay-overs. Side projects being offered to contractors, along with vessel refits/retrofits are to continue, however issues with the defense buoys and their own internal system upgrades would be preferred to be completed as soon as possible.

CMDR. Yores; Operations; Security - If possible, any logs and/or visual recordings of runs through the current refreshment of updated combat simulations are to be documented with the permission of those involved in an application for later study. It'd be a great help if anyone running the simulations is able to report their feedback to the current on-duty security teams within requisitions so that the next instance the trials are placed back into active circulation they can be to the best of a requested and hoped-for status. With the recent investigation into the murder on station, a review of the current dampening field frequency rotation is to be measured and examined, creating an updated protocol publishing it through Main Command functions. Commander Yores, if you would be able to establish a live infiltration session aboard the starbase it would most likely be one of the easier and more beneficial ways to establish the current state of any upgraded and changed security drills.

CAPT. Jarok; Medical - We've received a brief report from Doctor Lindresko currently in orbit around Drozana, the away team will be returning to the station and retaining their standard operations while a reported body will be making it's way following a brief on-site autopsy. Captain Jarok and the rest of medical, if you could organize a nursing team to prepare for a full autopsy of the deceased, it would no doubt speed the process along for the ongoing investigation.

Spoiler: Department HeadsShow
At your earliest convenience, please schedule a few moments aside from your no-doubt important daily duties, there's a few items on my agenda that have been sitting for a little too long that I've been wanting to speak with you each about individually, though if preferred an official meeting could be requested - though considering the data isn't all that urgent, I'd prefer the situation to be far more relaxed and only should you each gain a few moments aside to come visit me in my office, a'thankyou.


TO: Capt. Coby Morton
FROM: Cmdr. Rylen Yores
RE: Department Memorandum Stardate 90859.7

Capt. Morton:

I have received your directives, and have begun the process of taking logs and visual recording of holosims with permission of the users. We will be reviewing the logs, along with feedback given to the on-duty security teams, and looking for ways to improve existing scenarios. This will be an on-going process, due mainly to the volume of scenarios in the base’s computer systems. I do expect, however, that we will be able to perform reviews and revisions in a timely manner.

As to the dampening field frequency rotations, we have begun working with Engineering on this matter, and should have revised protocols delivered to you within the week. I will advise you further should any complications arise in this process.

Regarding the infiltration scenario you mentioned, I am beginning to formulate ideas, which I would like to discuss further with you at your convenience, regarding the scope of the exercise, as well as some other details.

Should you have any questions or concerns about these matters, please feel free to let me know.

Respectfully submitted,
Cmdr. Rylen Yores
Chief Security Officer, Deep Space 13
Stardate 90870.1