STARDATE: 91716.64. Pretrial for petty Officer Hashel Kebek

Captains Log

I am at a loss here. I feel so angry ant what this young lady has done but I feel terrible for her at the same time. I have hated Cardassians ever since my father was killed at the hands of the True Way... And now the past has come back and opened up some old wounds. God I hate them!!!!! But I know dad would be compassionate towards Hashel if he was in my shoes. Even if she committed these horrible acts while under his command............... I know he would try and help her. So I must do the right thing and do what I can to help as well.

Starfleet Command has decided to send Petty Officer Hashel Kabek back to Cardassia to go on trial for for her crimes as per the Cardassin Governments request. I recently spoke with her on this subject and she shared great concern if she was to return to Cardassia to be tried for her crimes. Maybe I can speak with my CO and stall the process so I can investigate her claims about her family and her father. The man who murdered my Dad. I need a bit more time.....

Dad!!! I hope I am doing the right thing here.

End of Log