Starfleet Academy: Operations and Engineering Track

Lt. Cmdr. H’ajah is teaching at the Starfleet Academy Annex in 2422, and 4th year cadets on the Ops/Engineering track are welcomed to enroll in her Practical Engineering series, a year-long set of units focusing on getting your hands dirty solving real problems in the cold, merciless depths of space. In your final year of study, the training wheels are coming off; H’ajah believes that holodecks can’t simulate the fear and pressure of live-fire exercises, so cadets will be placed in harm’s way to teach them the real danger of engineering (and the power of friendship). Each unit will consist of three events, listed here with the percentages of your class grade:

  • A lecture covering the subject matter in significant technical detail (come prepared to take notes!)
    • 10% attendance
    • 10% participation
  • A project showcase wherein students present novel solutions to a challenge prompt devised by the professor
    • 20% completion
    • 10% solution
  • A field exercise conducted aboard a real starship, with students serving unassisted as engineering or operations staff (liability waivers mandatory)
    • 30% survival
    • 10% valor
    • 10% friendship cooperation

Class events will occur on an approximately monthly cadence, scheduled for weekends at BETA. Please do not sign up if you do not anticipate being regularly available at that time! Social/unstructured events such as study groups, office hours, etc. may be scheduled for other times as my availability allows, but these are not mandatory and will not affect performance in class. Cadet players may feel free to schedule their own social events in between classes, regardless of my availability. New cadet alts are welcomed; at the end of the year, you will have a character ready to graduate into Starfleet service as an Ensign.

Enroll by posting in this thread with the name of the cadet you will be playing. Questions may be posted here or sent to me by Discord DM. I reserve the right to repost anonymized DM questions here if I think others might benefit from seeing the answer. See you in class!

Course Name: Practical Engineering I-IV

Organizer: @Sophist (ingame: @thesophist)

Recruiting Status: Open

Typical RP Type: Structured (with occasional social supplements)

Event Schedule: Monthly

Additional Requirements: Only 4th year academy cadets will be permitted to participate in projects and field exercises. Any other Starfleet officer may audit the class without receiving credit, but they are forbidden from helping the cadets solve problems presented by the professor or interfering in any way without prior approval. Starfleet officers of rank Lieutenant or higher, who are currently practicing engineers, may register with Starfleet Academy to serve as career advisors to cadets and provide support and general guidance; bear in mind, however, that if we get more advisor applicants than students, not all applicants may be selected.

RP Details / Restrictions:

  • How often does the class visit the starbase?: Class is located in the Starfleet Academy Annex on DS13
  • Non-class RP allowed while class is out: Yes, encouraged
  • Players allowed to teach the class without the professor online: Hey knock yourself out

Open Positions:

  • 4th year cadets (Ops/Eng track)
  • Career advisors (LT+, current engineer)