Starfleet Intel, uniforms

So I've seen the question pop up in a few places and thought I'd post this info on here for the rest.
Intel officer in tactical uniform.

Intel officer in "office environment"

Dev reply
TTC wrote:
Officers in Starfleet Intelligence are commissioned officers in Starfleet and when on normal duty, wear the normal version of the Starfleet uniform appropriate to that duty but with their branch color.

Burgess is an example of an SFI officer working in an "office" environment, so he's wearing the normal duty uniform with the black piping (I1) and black stripe (I1) to indicate he works for Starfleet Intelligence.

The SFI officer on Starbase 39/Sierra is Kyle DeSoto. He's in "tactical" gear because SB39 is a more "frontier" environment and it's implied he gets his hands dirty with field work more often than Burgess probably does.

Aside from the black stripe, SFI officers wear the "combadge" piece, which is the STO combadge variant that has no insignia.

Of course, if an SFI officer is under cover, then who knows what they might have on
Does that mean that our resident Intel' chappies can start using black too?
Thanks for the find! this is good info, with screenshots and a dev response. Thank you.

So, Jacob and Dactylus are the only player characters in the fleet that are on the intel team.

I have considered using black, but given our unique uniform the black branch color becomes a sizable portion of the uniform. So, I'm not convinced it is the way to go. Still on the fence.

I haven't seen Dactylus on in a while, but if the intel team does become more than just Jacob then we will settle on a definitive branch color and uniform for the intel team. So, I don't have to decide until then, so I choose not to decide..... right now.
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