Starfleet Record: Alina Mandra




Computer Scientist
Deep Space 13



Trill (Unjoined)
1.7 m
57.2 kg
Dark Blonde, dyed Brown for most of career, Light Blonde as of November 2416, Strawberry Blonde in 2419
Spots, short hair (between 2392 and 2416), faint blue glow in the eyes only noticeable in low lighting


50791.9 ((18 December 2373))
Mak'ala, Trill
Not Married

  • Ferin Cor (paternal)
    Trill (Joined), Mak'ala, Symbiosis Commission Security Chief
  • Mariah Mandra (maternal)
    Trill (Unjoined), Mak'ala, Former Fashion Designer (Deceased)
  • Gabria Sulov-Qor (Sister)
    Trill (Joined), Laren Manev, Sociology Professor
  • Selena (Pet)
    Caracal, DS13, Professional snuggler
  • Roko (Personal Computer)
    Class 1 (non-sentient) Mainframe, DS13, Personal Assistant
  • Celia Hannelore (Adopted Sister)
    Class 2 (sentient) Digital Lifeform, DS13, ex-pop singer


Starfleet Medal of Commendation x6 | Starfleet Silver Star | Zephram Cochrane Medal of Excellence x2 | Starfleet Decoration for Gallantry x2
Starfleet Academy Graduation Award | Iconian War Service Medal | Solanae Sphere Service Medal | Romulan Civil War Campaign Medal
Klingon War Service Medal | Undine Campaign Medal


Publication YearAuthorsTitleNotes
2393Mandra, A.On the Psychology of Synthetic IntelligenceDefining paper for AI Classification system
2394Mandra, A.Analysis of Memetic Engineering via Digital Information systemsBachelor's Dissertation, Starfleet Academy
2410Mandra, A.Examining the benefits of networked Class 1 AI architectures
2415Tahldar K., Mandra, A.An analysis of quantified memory pattern states in the form of coherent digital informationStart of her professional relationship with Amadeus Technologies
2418Zhon, H. Mandra, A., Hannelore, C.Formulation and Analysis of Foamed Nanocrystal Lattices in high order Data Transfer and StorageCoincides with the opening of the Amadeus Institute for Synthetic Intelligence Rehabilitation



  • 2391 | Attended Starfleet Academy as a Science Cadet.
  • 2392 | Successfully demonstrated that a computer system could be reprogrammed to allow for complete autonomy of several classical starship positions. The idea was brought to Starfleet Command for review.
  • 2392 | Created her first Virtual Intelligence system which she called Dana. System did not possess any actual thinking capacity, and was merely designed to look like it had such.
  • 2393 | Reprimanded for unprofessional relations with two other cadets which caused significant issues.
  • 2393 | Recognized by Daystrom Institute and Starfleet Academy for a prize winning paper On the Psychology of Synthetic Intelligence.
  • 2394 | Reprimanded after being caught on a trip to Luna beyond her allowed radius of travel when not on leave.
  • 2394 | Given Daystrom Institute Award for paper on the Analysis of Memetic Engineering via Digital Information systems. Academy begrudgingly allows her to be added to Daystrom Insider's top 30 new Scientists under 30 to Watch list of 2394.
  • 2394 | Graduates Starfleet Academy in December 2394 specializing in Computer Sciences, promoted to Ensign.


  • 2395 | Assigned to U.S.S. Europa under Captain Jeffery Parks as Computer Systems Analyst
  • 2395 | Given additional duties upon recognition from superiors of her abilities
  • 2395 | Is offered to become joined with a symbiont on Trill by the Symbiosis Commission after much debate. Struggles with the offer for over a month.
  • 2395 | In late August of 2395, Europa encounters rogue Romulan M'ret a second time while Capt. Parks is away on personal leave with Cmdr. McHale (first officer) in command. As the majority of the crew is evacuated from Europa for safety in order to handle the enemy Romulan, known to be dangerous, Ensign Mandra is chosen to act as the lead science officer for the skeleton crew. Crew consists of Cmdr. John McHale, Cmdr. Sivak, Ensign Alina Mandra, Lt. Prohm, and Lt.Cmdr. Christine April. Records show outcome ends in apparent destruction of both ships and the deaths of all 5 officers on board Europa.
  • 2395 | By September Symbiont offered to Ensign Mandra is given to someone else after news of her apparent death reaches Trill.
  • 2408 | In May of 2408 Starfleet receives signal from U.S.S. Europa returning toward Sector 001 after having been presumed lost for 13 years. After debriefing it was concluded that the Romulan M'ret activated a temporal device which was damaged by Cmdr. McHale and send both ships forward 13 years randomly. M'ret's ship was permanently disabled and the Romulan left to his devices. The five returning crew members of Europa go under intense questioning by Department of Temporal Investigates.
  • 2408 | Attends hearing for crew of Europa conclusion is made to reinstate all 5 officers due to current time of war against Klingon Empire and give them new assignments.
  • 2409 | Newly promoted Lt. Mandra is given Assistant Chief of Science role on U.S.S. Endeavour, and aging ship brought out of retirement due to wartime needs. She holds this position for one and a half years.
  • 2410 | After one and a half years of patrol near Klingon Front Endeavour's systems begin to fail and ship is decommissioned. Crew is reassigned to U.S.S. Sangraal, retaining previous positions. (Jan 2410)
  • 2410 | Begins doing behind the scenes computer work for Capt. McHale when he begins working with the Alpha Centauri Institute, but remains unknown to the Institute at this time.
  • 2410 | Around this time Lt. Mandra successfully brings her first artificial intelligence system online based on her early research. The Class 1 AI she builds is purposed as her personal computer system and "friend" named Ziggy. For reasons known only to herself, she programs it with a virtual personality and speech patterns, but notes the system is not actually sentient, just acts like it.
  • 2410 | Sangraal destroyed in conflict with Romulan Imperial ship while trying to rescue U.S.S. Arthur C. Clarke, whose crew is found to be MIA. Due to previously logged request by RADM Logan, John is given temporary command of the Clarke while a new command the Admiral had been preparing for him is completed. His crew follows.
  • 2410 | U.S.S. Galahad commissioned based on McHale's design changes to the base Sovereign class design. Lt. Mandra begins to work in upgrading the computer systems to operate beyond normal levels and in line with McHale's designs.
  • 2410 | Publishes a paper in a Starfleet Journal, Examining the benefits of networked Class 1 AI architectures which would go unused for 4 years.
  • 2411 | Found her duty hours suddenly filled with working on a way to better bridge Federation and Romulan computer systems, supposedly to help with a Colony Aid Network in Star Empire space
  • 2412 | Finds her work shifted from working on better networking of Federation and Republic systems to working on the computer side of anti-Borg R&D work as VADM April begins working with ACI R&D.
  • 2412 | Is recognized by Cmdr. Prohm for having too many talents to have been a Lieutenant so long (actually stated as such in his logs) and puts in for her to be promoted to Lieutenant Commander. VADM April approves the promotion remotely from the Delta Quadrant
  • 2413 | Joins Alpha Centauri Institute with (recently demoted) RADM April's recommendation in April of 2414. Is almost immediately given the task by the Institute's President of helping to design a brand new computer mainframe for the primary fleet base to fill in the gap left by the enigmatic Isis intelligence when she experienced a serious destabilization. The heavily daunting task is accepted by LtCmdr. Mandra
  • 2414 | Begins detached MACO combat training on the side to better prepare herself for the new Iconian threat
  • 2414 | Completes the ACI Modernized Computer Mainframe running off a coordinated system of seven class 1 AI units (as originally described by her in her Starfleet Journal entry 4 years prior)
  • 2414 | After returning from leave is involved in a freak incident with the test of a subspace-based computer prototype that creates a duplicate of hers in subspace that begins rapidly deteriorating. The original Alina takes extended emergency leave to cooperate with the Amadeus Technologies Federation computer sciences research institute in order to save the duplicate as Solanae forces in subspace aligned with the Iconians try to gain access to her and the strategic secrets she holds.
  • 2414 | In a moment of self-sacrifice Alina didn't expect would come from someone like herself, the subspace-Alina duplicate ends her life in a move that cripples a Solanae attack within subspace, a battle in the Iconian War that goes largely unreported due to it happening entirely outside of normal space.
  • 2414 | After a shift in workflow following the end of the Iconian War, Alina begins normal duties but is more and more convinced she needs a fresh outlook on things, and puts in for transfer to a new command.
  • 2414 | Is reassigned to 38th Fleet Task Force Argo as a Computer Scientist for Starbase DS13.
  • 2414 | Assists in Argo's battle at the Doza system as a temporary science officer on board the U.S.S. Asimov under Cmdr. Brot'la
  • 2415 | Begins extended research on isolinear chip based neural circuitry
  • 2415 | Assists in recovery efforts of trapped personnel on Kelterre II
  • 2415 | In March of 2415 she joins on a mission to investigate abandoned pirate hideout in the Donia system, is present at an aid mission to Terix II gone wrong, and joins in a team defensive exercise on DS-13
  • 2415 | Helps solve a problem with some relay satellites that was inadvertently caused by comms traffic from Terix II. It led to some other political stuff with that world but Alina wasn't involved in that
  • 2415 | Starts remote classes in a cognitive brain science associates degree to help with her research. This coincides with her restarting her cooperative work with Amadeus Technologies by forming a Starfleet-Civilian research agreement with them
  • 2415 | Attends Conference for bleeding edge computer technology at Memory Alpha for two weeks. Shortly after her meeting of a member of the musical group Cosmic Venus opens avenues for a joint project with Amadeus called Project Signal Noise in which the Celia Mainframe is developed as a class 1 AI intended to be... a virtual music idol. The actual purpose of the study is to gauge public perception of synthetic intelligence systems in public roles
  • 2415 | Takes job as Assistant Chief of Science of DS13
  • 2415 | Is targeted by psychologically unstable Trill symbiont which is stopped by her colleagues at DS13
  • 2415 | Leaves on a sabbatical to give testimony to Trill Government about the Lothos incident, as well as to handle other personal issues
  • 2415 | Is published in a new paper titled An analysis of quantified memory pattern states in the form of coherent digital information which is co-written by her and Dr. Krespen Tahldar, a multi-species cognitive scientist from Amadeus Technologies
  • 2415 | Returns to DS13 to resume duties
  • 2416 | Assists in saving a Selenium Mining Colony by helping fix the AI's logic fault
  • 2416 | Is promoted to the rank of Commander, much to her surprise, at the Spring Awards Ceremony
  • 2416 | Several months after the end of Project Signal Noise, she starts up a new experiment with Amadeus called Project Class 2 Shift intended to analyze highly augmented Class 1 architectures on the verge of achieving self-awareness without actually generating a Class 2 synthetic lifeform with the purpose of gathering data on how artificial systems develop to operate similarly with humanoid brain structures
  • 2416 | The CeliaNET Mainframe reaches iteration 10032 and begins entering an unexpected quantum cloud of data activity wherein many of the digital information becomes intensly difficult to read by Alina and energy consumption increased exponentially. Alina deduces the system may be making the shift to Class 2 way outside of the expectations of the math in the project. Her suspicions are confirmed two weeks later when Celia fully awakens as a self-aware system. Alina and Amadeus quickly enact a contingency plan to ensure the new lifeform is not mistreated. The science experiment formally ends with the data of the Class 2 shift being saved for what is expected to be years of analysis
  • 2416 | The newly christened Celia Hannelore begins suffering from debilitating quantum data errors equivilant to neurological issues and brain damage when it is found her original computer housing is no longer capable of supporting her new existence with most of its power devoted to maintaining her sentience leaving her unable to function for more than a few hours a day. Alina begins working desperately on calculations for a new type of processing medium that can be developed to save Celia
  • 2416 | Alina submits her calculations describing a new processing and data storage system she dubs Foamed Nano-crystal Lattices, which she developed in order to reignite her previous dead Cyber Encephalon project, to Cmdr. Sivath of DS13 Engineering for him to develop new revolutionary computer systems, as well as a prototype she can use to transfer Celia's mind to in order to save her life. Sivath cautiously agrees to help her
  • 2417 | With DS13 Engineering's completion of Project Verenach, Alina begins the process of transferring Celia's mind into the new Foamed Nanocrystal Lattice based architecture. The result is Celia is revitalized and saved from total systems failure.
  • 2417 | After Commander Everhart moves onto another position, Alina is made Acting Chief of Science on DS13
  • 2417 | Upon finishing her probationary period, in which she worked both jobs, is fully promoted to Chief of Science and begins seeking a new Assistant Chief
  • 2417 | Helps choose LCDR Keri Verlin as new ACSO and soon starts redistributing the duties properly, as well as beginning a project with the U.S.S. William Ockham
  • 2417 | Survives the destruction of DS13 by the Azedi, barely saving her caracal and one drive with memory data from Ziggy before the later forcibly transports her to a launching escape pod
  • 2417 | Is made the acting Captain of the U.S.S. Asimov, to her extreme chagrin, and proceeds to turn it into a microcosm of the Science Department by putting a selection of personnel on the ship for that, rather than use it... like a starship
  • 2418 | Surveys crew quarters on DS13 as part of reconstruction, and aside going through one slightly disturbing set of quarters, also retrieves a lot of items from hers she uses to rebuild her lost computer mainframe, activating Roko shortly thereafter as the official successor to Ziggy
  • 2418 | After a series of miscommunications, learns she has effectively been removed from the Chief of Science position, a move she had personally considered regardless, and was intended to continue as a ship Captain, which she immediately transferred out from and returned to being a regular member of the Science Department on the reopened DS13
  • 2418 | Submits her latest research paper for publication under the name of Formulation and Analysis of Foamed Nanocrystal Lattices in high order Data Transfer and Storage with Dr. Hazara Zhon from Amadeus Technologies as a co-author.
  • 2418 | Helps wrangle escaped wildlife of the U.S.S. Endeavour
  • 2418 | Assisted U.S.S. Shackleton during Flatspace incident when meeting cosmic beings Atam and Betaiy
  • 2418 | Decrypts information in Raven Star System helpful in pushing back Tholian aggressors
  • 2418 | Participates in a series of 'sporting' events on behalf of a friendly neighbor to help avoid a state of war. This rather ridiculous series of events manages to conclude in the discovery of a plot that makes relations shaky, but otherwise ends as good as it could
  • 2418 | Assists investigation of rogue planet based on information from a certain Joris and previous classified projects. Witnesses Valore shooting Derenzis by accident
  • 2418 | Helped wrangle a VI controlled comet
  • 2419 | Prior paper is officially published at the start of the new year


Alina San Mandra was born on Trill in 2373 to a family related to a series of well known Trill socialites, though her immediate family is held at arm's length from most of them. Her older sister Gabria was pre-selected at a young age for Joining by the Symbiosis Commission once she was 18 when Alina was young, and thus Alina grew up in the shadow of her joined sister who, along with nearly everyone else, put a lot of pressure for Alina to put forth the effort to achieve the same fate. The idea never really bothered Alina but she often held a negative view of objectively decided futures. In her youth cultural programs for children led her to realize she had an aptitude and passion for music, in particular dancing, singing, and playing the violin. She briefly in her pre-teen years ventured into the music industry as a sponsored idol singer in Mak'ala, but her popularity never bloomed past the local area so she eventually retired from it. The rough work schedule of being a singer had soured her on the act of singing afterwards but she managed to still find joy in dance and the violin. As she got older the heavy emphasis in Trill culture on science education led Alina to discover she had an interest in computer science and understanding digital information so she pursued this through her teenage years. Gabria put in a recommendation with the Symbiosis Commission for Alina to be a candidate for joining.

The Commission took its time however, partly because Alina's indifference to the idea was seen as slightly rude, but also Alina despite her studies also had a particularly notable rebellious streak. This was complete with a rather cavalier personal and romantic life that led to concerns she may be susceptible to re-association were she joined. This constantly put her at odds with her family. As a result of her desire to fight the status quo, she began seeking out increasingly disapproved activities, including sky bike flying. Finally around the age of 18, seeking an escape, and also since the Commission was taking their time deciding her fate, Alina joined Starfleet to get better access to the most advanced and modern computer systems and education.

Graduating Starfleet Academy in 2394, she was assigned to U.S.S. Europa as an entry level Computer Systems Analyst, but her skill at learning almost any computer system in record times (noted in Academy as well) led to her getting more responsibilities. In 2395 she was told in light of her dedication in Starfleet she was approved for joining by the Symbiosis Commission. Alina has almost forgotten about the idea and was unsure if she really wanted it. Ironically the decision would be made for her when she was subject to a 13 year time jump to the future through events unrelated to her personally. Arriving in 2408 and reconnecting with her family, she learned due to her presumed death (a status assumed of several others in her crew as well at the time) that the symbiont chosen for her took another host (and later turned out to be insane). Due to her special circumstance, the Commission said they'd discuss re-accepting her. At this point Alina chose to decline, shocking her family and the Commission. She didn't get along with or talk to her sister for several years as a result. Alina decided to focus on her new life in Starfleet.

Alina's personality consists of an attitude of single minded focus at times. She typically makes better friends with computer systems than other people and is somewhat of an introvert. She however does open up to people she gets to know assuming they can get through her defensive snarkiness and social anxiety. Her teenage rebellious streak never really left her but she toned it down to within regulation levels (at least as far as any commanders could tell). Her long term lack of fondness of long term romantic relationships and notorious trend of a cavalier love life in which more often than not her partners expect more than she does from a pairing came to an end with her first serious romantic relationship in 2415, and it's end the same year. Both events have led her to dramatically re-evaluate her interests and how close she wants to be with others. Alina is nice to most people almost to a fault due to a constant fear of others disliking her or thinking she is not good enough (a trait her therapist has determined came from her troubled childhood under an abusive father). She prefers people not make assumptions of her and above all allow her to decide what she is or is not capable of doing. She believes heavily in the concept of deciding one's own fate for themselves, to the point where she is often afraid to make suggestions to people about what to do regarding major decisions or life changes in fear of being seen as a controlling influence. She does not like people who appear to be nice to her out of a sense of charity but will not react openly hostile to them either.



Up to Date: Y

Status: OK for active duty

Spoiler: NotesShow

Mandra, Alina
Annual Evaluation
Judur, Artrin CMDR
Cleared for Active Duty

Responses normal.
Responses normal.
Pulse and pressure within normal limits.
NBS, all scans clear.
Responses normal.
Patient was coherent, coordinated and responsive WNL.


Commander Mandra is in excellent health and her evaluation passed without incident.

Previous medical evaluations noted hyperopia in the patient’s eyes, but this was corrected by Dr Pohl who administered Retinax V. Patient shows no sign of the hyperopia returning. The patient did show signs of lapsing concentration when testing her neurological response times, but this does not hinder the Commander in any way.

Commander Mandra is rated capable of active duty without reservation at this time.


Evaluator: CMDR Judur (Assistant Chief Medical Officer, DS13)


Up to Date: Y

Status: OK for active duty

Evaluator: LT Hawk (Counselor, Deep Space 13)

Spoiler: Show

AUTHORITY: Counselor, Deep Space 13

SUBJECT'S NAME: Mandra, Alina
INTERVIEW STARDATE: 94723.2 ((September 2018))


Counseling Routine Exam


Authority finds subject to be of sound mental health and fit for active duty.


Authority would like to register that a friendly relationship exists with the subject prior to interview and will be utilized to supplement authority’s evaluation of the subject. The subject was recently promoted to Chief Science Officer of Deep Space 13, therefore a complete analysis of subject’s leadership style and conflict resolution (which will be discussed below) was not viable. Authority would suggest a follow-up Command Leadership evaluation in six months to reassess subject’s leadership abilities. Subject admitted to a more ‘lax’ style of leadership, influenced by prior leaders the subject deemed too ‘strict’ or ‘formal’ who may have impacted work efficiency negatively. Subject also noted she prefers a motivational style of leadership, delegating resources to those under her command based on work quality. In regards to allocation of resources from Command, subject demonstrated an understanding of the laypersons she reported to, employing strategies to interest and impress, but not frighten or discourage.

In regards to the basic profile assessment, conducted Stardate 92347.3, Authority finds the subject has undergone emotional and social growth. Subject did not have a patronizing attitude, nor did she stray off topic frequently. At times, subject did elaborate more on a topic than was required, however at other times more elaboration was required. Subject does still suffer from forms of social anxiety, though she is currently undergoing weekly counseling sessions via holochat with an off-station counselor. Subject admitted to having problems picking up on social cues, but she did mention her larger social success beginning with her assignment to Deep Space 13. While the subject may have difficulties making friends, she assigned a high value to friends she does have.



Spoiler: ((The following is a OOC list of OOC and IC stories or posts related to Alina and her character building, utilize as appropriate))Show

Personal Logs and prose stories - A collection of sparsely updated personal logs and several prose stories involving her interwoven together. Largely OOC material since others would not be able to witness this information directly.

Observations in the Mirror - A series of videos Alina makes on the subnet to talk about a variety of interesting subjects. She does it for fun but there is a slight bit of hidden therapy for her as well.

Synesthesia system dossier - Exactly what it says on the tin. This is an explanation for the unique and very unorthodox computer and display system Alina uses (often incorrectly referred by others as her 'head computer' despite her actual computer being solidly outside of her body). This dossier is fully IC and could be accessed and read by other characters. Beware of excessive technobabble.

TAF talk about AI - A TED talk inspired lecture Alina gave about her work with Artificial Intelligence in early 2416. TAF stands for Technology, Advancement, and Futurism. The talk was broadcast on the subnet and is therefore ICly available for other characters to see and reference.

IC traits post - This is my post about the little things Alina can be expected to be doing in conversation and what not that I don't go out of my way to emote for time saving reasons.

Character inspiration post - A brief explanation of why I write/play Alina the way I do and how her character came about. Includes a sorrynotsorry explanation of some of her at times too good to be true skills.

Description of Alina's quarters - I wrote this up for a short lived forum RP but reposted it in the linked thread. It just describes the custom set up of Alina's quarters. The post is a bit dated now (some elements have changed) but is mostly the same.

RL actress - From the appropriate thread, my pick for who could play Alina in a TV show.

General Worldbuilding - This collects ancillary info for most of my characters, and repeats some of the links here, posted for posterity.

Character Tropes - Self explanatory.

Current theme song - She has had different ones over time, this is the latest I've posted. Subject to change.

More to follow.
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